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Cambodia Fantasy: Episode 10 & 11 Bonus Questions

Blaine7275 November 20, 2015 User blog:Blaine7275

Welcome to the Cambodia edition of the Survivor Fantasy League! Whether this be your second chance to win it all or it's your first time playing and want to be part of something fun, you've come to the right place!

If you want to find out more about the game, follow this link. You'll find all the rules there. Unfortunately sign-ups are closed and only those who have signed up are allowed to participate.

This page here is about the Bonus Questions! In addition to the points you get because of your chosen castaways doing various things on the show, you can also earn points by correctly answering the Bonus Questions. Each week, I'll post a list of Questions for the upcoming episode, and for each correct answer, you'll score an additional five points.

The questions for the next episode will go up within 24 hours of a new episode airing. This will give you about six days to get your answers in. If you miss the deadline, then there's nothing that can be done.

So how do you send in your answers? After we post the questions, you will have until about an hour before the airing of the next episode to submit your answers by replying to THIS thread with your answers. This is the only place where I will accept answers. Not through email, Facebook or the chat. Since we have many people playing, I need to keep it easy for me to keep track!

If it is unclear which of your answers correspond to which question, the answers will be void.

So without further ado, here are the questions for Episode Ten, Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil, and Episode Eleven, My Wheels Are Spinning:

Regular Questions:

  • Who will win Reward? (answer NONE if you don't think there will be a reward challenge, or answer COMBINED if you think it will be combined with Immunity, only give the name of ONE person)
  • Who will win Immunity?
  • Who will be voted out?
  • How many votes will they receive (not including revotes)?
  • Who says the episode title?

Note: Answer the regular questions TWICE! Once for each episode because just in case you didn't know, two separate episodes will be aired next Wednesday.

Special Questions:

  • Will Stephen tell anyone what his advantage actually is?
  • Will Abi-Maria, Ciera & Kelley be referred to as "witches" again?
  • Who will have the least confessionals after both episodes? (give ONE person)
  • Will Jeremy receive any votes during both episode's Tribal Councils?
  • Who will choose to compete in Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil's immunity challenge? (give TWO people)

Note: These Special Questions will account for both episodes.

Answer submissions will close about an hour before the episode's airing on Wednesday night, so get your answers in soon!

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