PreviewBlogBanner With the 27th season of Survivor, Blood vs Water, premiering in a couple hours, I thought this would be a great time to post my thoughts on the twists, contestants, and season as a whole. ♥

The Twists

This season will use twists previously used in past seasons but will also introduce a really huge twist. These are my thoughts on each of them:

  • Returning Players + Couples Format - I honestly believe that having family members compete with/against each other is an interesting concept. However, I'm not very fond of it being returning players and their families. Like have we not had enough seasons with returning players? I would have preferred if it had been all new people competeting, but in a world with Jeff Probst as Executive Producer, not all my dreams can come true. *cries* But even though I think that no pair will turn against each other it will be very entertaining if one does.
  • Day Zero - Ehh. I don't have much of an opinion about it. But from the 7-minute preview, it seems kind of interesting.
  • First Impressions - I thought it was very funny when this happened in Survivor: Tocantins. And I would have preferred if the two people voted out wouldn't really be voted out (cause I'm nervous for my favorites), but at least they'll have Redemption Island *pukes* to fall back on.
  • Redemption Island - I feel like when we tell Jeff "We don't love Redemption Island! We never want it back!", he hears "We don't love Redemption Island! We never want it back!" >.< But whatever, at least they changed some stuff to make it a little bit better. But we'll just have to wait and see.

The Contestants

I absolutely have no idea what to call the returning players that make up the Galang tribe. They're not exactly "All Stars" or "Favorites". It feels like they're just some random contestants that the Casting Producers picked out. But despite that, I feel like they're good picks, along with their family members.

Aras & Vytas


Aras - This was me when I first heard that Aras was going to play again I'm undeniably his biggest fan (to anyone who says otherwise, I will cut you) and I'm extremely excited to see him play again. I believe he has the potential to go very far. He may have that past winner stigma going in, but I think his social skills will carry him to the end just like last time <3

Vytas - I feel like his back story is very interesting. A heroin addict turned yoga instructor fascinates me for some reason. I like his calm, cool, and collected attitude and I feel like he has the ability to go far as well.

Candice & John


Candice - I don't understand all the Candice hate. Yeah, I didn't like how she screwed over the Heroes (who I was rooting for) in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, but I really liked her in Survivor: Cook Islands. She may not have made the best strategic decisions in the past, but I feel like she's a good player. Unfortunately, I don't see her being accepted by her tribe because of her previous performances, which is quite sad. :(

John - He seems like a good guy. I feel like he can go far especially since he's in a tribe with so many athletic guys, which will make it easy for him to blend into the background until the merge.

Colton & Caleb


Colton - I absolutely hated Colton during Survivor: One World. I could not stand his attitude and the way he treated his tribemates. His Misfit Alliance is probably one of my least favorite alliances and I was happy to see him get medically evacuated :D However, I'm excited to see Colton play again. He saw how much 'MURRICA hated him, so I feel like he won't be the same person as last time. But I don't feel like his new tribe will appreciate his new demeanor.

Caleb - For some reason, he reminds me of a teddy bear c: He doesn't really strike me as the outdoorsy type, but according to everyone he is and that will prove helpful to his tribe.

Gervace & Marissa


Gervace - It's been a couple years since I watched Survivor: Borneo, but because of the TVGN Survivor Marathon (thank you very much xoxo), I got to rewatch some of his episodes. I didn't like his "Moo" comment, but I loved him for his final Jury confessional (where he completely dissed Sue Hawk :D) and am excited to see an original contestant play again. Would have prefered Greg Buis, but beggars can't be chosers.

Marissa - I'm not as excited for her as I am for some other contestants, but I see some promise in her. Her relationship with her uncle does seem a little interesting though.

Kat & Hayden


Kat - OMG Kat :3 I really didn't like her at the beginning of her season, but she later grew on me. Her blindside was so obvious the moment she said "blindsides are fun" and I actual felt bad for her. I hope she plays better this time.

Hayden - At first, I wasn't happy with the whole Big Brother-Survivor crossover. I firmly believed that contestants from Big Brother should stay on Big Brother and contestants from Survivor should stay on Survivor. The exception being that they were allowed to go on The Amazing Race. However, as I've become to get used to the idea, I guess I'm okay with it. I never watched Hayden's season, but I feel like he'll go far.

Laura M. & Ciera


Laura M. - I loved Laura during Survivor: Samoa! She was the head bitch in charge of her tribe and could have gone farther had Galu not been idiots. I thought her treatment of Shambo Waters was hilarious :x and can't wait to see her play again this season. She also reminds me somewhat of Corinne Kaplan ♥ #LauraGoddess #CorinneGoddess

Ciera - I don't know why our lovely host things so highly of her. Jeff: "She's an owner of guns, and loves to hunt, and is not in favor of gay rights. When I hear that package, I lean forward." WTF Probst?! But anyways, she seems though and I guess we'll just have to see how she plays.

Monica & Brad


Monica - I felt that Monica left way to early in her season. She showed a lot of promise and was a really strong person. She could have gone far in her season and I'm happy that they decided to give her a second chance. However, I feel like it was just because of her husband that they considered her, which is sad. But I hope she does well. c:

Brad - ...I don't watch football unlike my fellow 'MURRICANS so I have no idea who this guy is. He's not my favorite, but is not my least favorite, he's somewhere in the middle. But I can see him replacing his wife at Redemption Island.. so yeah..

Rupert & Laura B.


Rupert - Why do they think it's a good idea to bring people back for a fourth time? >.< It's three strikes and you're out, that's how it should be. I don't hate Rupert (I actually loved him in Survivor: Pearl Islands), but sometimes enough is enough. He's a good guy, but honestly, I hope he's one of the first ones out.

Laura B. - She seems like a nice person, but I feel likes there's no hope for Laura. If she's not voted out on the first day, she'll be voted out early by her tribe if they lose an immunity challenge. Her only saving grace is Rupert taking her spot at Redemption (which wouldn't be that bad :D).

Tina & Katie


Tina - TINA! Although Colby Donaldson was robbed in Survivor: The Australian Outback, I feel like she made a pretty good winner. I've always liked her and it was sad to see her go first in Survivor: All-Stars. Even though she's older and is a past winner, I think she can do well if she plays her cards right, maybe even win again ;) Go Tina!

Katie - Katie has a good head on her shoulder. I feel like she's smart, nice and social. I'm not exactly sure on how she'll do however. She can either be an early boot or go far in the game.

Tyson & Rachel


Tyson - I was anti-Tyson during Survivor: Tocantins, but I've slowly gone to appreciate his humor. I like hearing him on Rob Has A Podcast and is a really interesting person. I feel like he can go the distance this time (after being brutally blindsided during both of his seasons) and I hope he does. P.S. Please cut your hair, it looks better short ^.^

Rachel - Out of all the contestants on the Tadhana tribe, she's probably one of my favorites. She's funny, athletic and is brave enough to date someone like Tyson. I hope she goes far (especially since i picked her for my Survivor Fantasy thing).

The Season

When I first heard about the twists and having more returning players, I immediately hated this season. But after some time, I've gotten more and more excited for the season premiere. Unlike a fellow Australian who claims to be Swiss, I will give this season a chance.

There are many people to root for and unlike Survivor: Caramoan, I like about 90% of the returning players. So yay!