Ok, this is my first time doing this so let's hope I don't utterly fail XD

18. Tarzan

Tarzan ep5
He had no reason of being there. He made himself

look like the biggest idiot ever. I mean come on this

guys last word rhymed, that is just so flipping

stupid. He said the most ridiculous things, but he

was funny from time to time, but I just HATED him.

Alicia Rosa

17. Alicia

She made herself look like a total jackass within the first two

episodes with all she said about Christina, even though most

of it was just her making up garbage. I give her respect for

winning an individual immunity challenge and actually

playing the game (unlike Tarzan) but she just doesn't interst

or entertain me.


Colton at camp

He may have been one of the only people to actually

play the game, but he played to hard to fast, he told

his whole tribe he has an idol which led to every single

castaway to know he had an idol and when he got evacuated,

he kept it as a souvenir and he was pretty racist to Bill.

15. Nina


Nina had a great personality, it's just the fact she left way to

early. I had no clue that she was there in the first episode.

I liked in her in the second episode but she just didn't make

it far and that is that. I wish she did cause she would

have made this season a lot more interesting if she could do

all that in one episode.


Kourtney Moon ep1
Kourtney had an awesome personality. She was more

unique than anyone this season. But the fact is she was

the 1st out, but she wasn't voted out. If she didn't have a

broken wrist she could of been in the final 5 over Christina

and possibly won the whole thing. But who knows what

would of happened. As I did with Nina, I wish she lasted

longer as she too would of made this season more


13. Matt

Matt with the water bottle

Matt as Kourtney and Nina was voted out early in the game.

But unlike the other two he had no personality. It was just

fun watching him complain about stuff. I don't have much to

say about Matt, just his alliance with the 3 strongest guys was

pretty stupid, you need some brains in your operation, that

is all I can say about Matt.


Christina ep5

I started liking Christina in the beginning but, coming

closer to the end, she has done close to NOTHING and

it almost getting no screen time. If she did something

she would be getting a lot more screen time. I tend

to forget that she is there. But when she is on screen,

she is usually funny so I'd give her a spot on the jury.



Bill was voted out early as well, but was super entertaining.

He was the only one willing to go against Colton and I give

him lots of credit for that. Sure, it cost him the million and

the title but Bill was the only one with guts out there. And I

can't think of a negative moment with Bill. So Bill in conclusion

is pretty damn awesome.


Leif ep5

Leif or as I like to call him Mr. No Screen Time.

It's almost as he wasn't there half the time. I

don't really have anything to say about Leif,

good nor bad. So Leif is Leif.



She may have not lasted long but she did like 20x more

than Leif, Christina, and Tarzan combined. She was the

biggest help to both the tribes she was on in the challenges.

She was the strongest woman out there and work hardest

out of all of them. She may have not done anything

strategically but knew what she was doing.


Vo kat

Kat was very funny overall but very stupid overall.

She made a pretty stupid move with who she took

on the reward with her, and that cost that ---->

But she was funny and her idiotness was funny

too, so I'll put her this high.



Michael didn't do much, but I liked him for almost no

reason. LOL! I wish he lasted longer and got more

screen time for while he was on. His awesomeness

got him voted out :P. So don't be so awesome on

Survivor or you'll pay the price.

File:Vo jay.jpg


Jay was one of the people I was rooting

for since the very beginning. If he just

realized the women were taking out the men

he could still be there. If he wasn't so

trustful in Kim, he could of won the whole thing.

S24E08 CBSPreAir 06


Sabrina is playing the game and is pretty awesome.

She is pretty weak in challenges but she has a great

social game and that's how she is doing so good

and will probably be in the final 3. I said PROBABLY

I have no clue on the winner or final 3 or anything.



She is cute, she is smart, she is strong, how

could you not like her. She won an immunity

challenge and gained respect from everyone.

Everyone thought she was just a southern

belle, but she prooved herself wrong.



Troy was the only male to make it to merge to

understand what the women were doing. He tried

to save his behind when he didn't have immunity

and was the only man to do so. He was probably

the smartest man out there just not the best ;).


Kimberly ep1

Kim has played the smartest game out

of ANYBODY this season. Even Colton.

And as we know he played a pretty smart

game. Kim won immunities. She took the

right people to rewards. And somehow

convinced everyone to do what she wanted.

She has the best chance at winning.



I'm not really sure but I just loved Jonas. He became

one of my favorite castaways ever and I don't even

have a good reason as to why. He was just awesome

and pretty damn funny, so he is my favorite.

Well I hope my first time doing this wasn't terrible.