• Belarusboy

    Ok, this is my first time doing this so let's hope I don't utterly fail XD

    18. Tarzan

    He had no reason of being there. He made himself

    look like the biggest idiot ever. I mean come on this

    guys last word rhymed, that is just so flipping

    stupid. He said the most ridiculous things, but he

    was funny from time to time, but I just HATED him.

    17. Alicia

    She made herself look like a total jackass within the first two

    episodes with all she said about Christina, even though most

    of it was just her making up garbage. I give her respect for

    winning an individual immunity challenge and actually

    playing the game (unlike Tarzan) but she just doesn't interst

    or entertain me.


    He may have been one of the only people to actually

    play the game, but he played to ha…

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