Hey! Beemerboyz803 again. So, this past Wednesday, the first episode of Blood vs. Water aired on CBS. I am super excited for the season. I love the idea, I like that Redemption Island was brought back, but I am disappointed with some of the returnees. Here are my suggestions for the Blood vs. Water returnees. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANY OF THESE PLAYERS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR RETURNEES IN THE COMMENT SECTION.


  • Tyson Apostol was a powerhouse, but unfortunately, he made one of the dumbest Survivor moves his second time playing. I think he deserved a chance to correct mistakes and go a bit further.
  • Rupert Boneham might have been back four times, but WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT RUPERT? It was kind of disappointing seeing him take his wife's place, but that kind of heroism wins a million bucks in my world.
  • Kat Edorsson brought the humor and laughter to One World, and I'm very excited to see how she plays against her boyfriend, aka the Big Brother - Season 12 winner.

returnees i don't like

  • Colton Cumbie is a bit of a whiner and is cruel and corrupt to his tribemates, as seen in One World, when he told fellow castaway Christina Cha to quit or jump in the fire, whichever one was more convenient for her. However, he was a medevac, so maybe they thought he could've gone further if he hadn't suffered appendicitis.
  • Monica Culpepper is a person that is kind of outcast. She always hangs in the background. I just really don't show favoritism against her. 
  • Tina Wesson has already WON a season. 

The other returnees, like Candice, Aras, Gervase, and Laura M., I'm neutral for. I don't like them much, but at the same time, I don't hate them.


  • Yau-Man Chan is one of my all-around favorite contestants on Survivor. He couldn't play Heroes vs. Villains unfortunately due to work issues, so I think it'd be interesting seeing him play another time. 
  • Abi-Maria Gomes would be a very good candidate as a returnee, but at the same time, I have the feeling she'll get into huge conflicts, just like she did with RC when they were on Tandang in Philippines.

So, this is my ideal thoughts about the new season. Please don't hate me for my thoughts. Feel free to share yours. THANKS FOR READING!

- Beemerboyz803