Hi guys! It's Beemer. So Wednsday's Survivor episode was pretty UPSETTING. RUPERT WAS ELIMINATED OFF OF REDEMPTION ISLAND! I just wish Laura wasn't targeted due to Rupert's fame so he wouldn't be in this position. Could you imagine? Day 3, and I'm eliminated. That's crazy! And then, Candice wins, so he gives the IDOL CLUE TO HER HUSBAND IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! THAT'S SO DUMB!  No surprise, but everyone's bombing him for it. CAN I SEE THE IDOL CLUE? LET'S BE IN AN ALLIANCE. IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! As of right now, John has the most power in the entire game. FACE IT TADHANA, YOU'RE WORTHLESS RIGHT NOW (EXCEPT FOR YOU JOHN.) I know almost all of you agree, but Colton is really ridiculous, almost like the Wicked Witch. I'd expect any episode right now where Monica will take him to the water so he melts (LOL). When Tadhana got back, they were surprised with Marissa's outcome. I think Marissa thought, HA! TAKE THAT YOU WEIRDOS FOR VOTING ME OFF! THIS IS MY ISLAND! I think that the immunity/reward challenge was pretty good. I'm probably thinking Laura and Katie thought since they were spinning constantly in a barrell, I DON'T THINK WE'RE IN AMERICA ANYMORE! I must say though, the skeeball part was pretty dang cool. It reminds of a carnival, but in the Philippines. I think Tribal Council had a weak spot, since Katie and Ciera acted dumb trying to deny the men. Remember the first episode? Marissa? The tribe-mate you ELIMINATED! Then, the votes were read, and Rachel was sent to Redemption. HA JOHN! THAT'S FOR PUTTING A TARGET ON YOUR BACK AND NOT FINDING THE IDOL TO HELP YOUR POOR ALLY! If I had to cast a vote, it would be for John, since he couldn't find an idol with 24 hours in a day to help his poor ally Rachel, how saddening. So, looks like John's not ruling in chaos anymore. But with Colton's annoying behavior, Rupert gone, an alliance of John and Rachel falling to pieces, and a new member of the girls alliance ("John"), I think next week will hold some surprises. Until this Wednesday, the TRIBE HAS SPOKEN! NOW GET OFF MY ISLAND!