Hey. Beemerboyz803 again. I decided since I haven't been on that much, I'm going to post my thoughts and reviews about the past episode(s) of Survivor: Blood vs. WaterPLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS BELOW, BUT PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN I DO. 

So, the unexpected Day 0 was pretty cool. I wish they'd shown more of their experience and that awful first night in the jungle. Next morning, the couples meet with their tribe. Okay, I'm a bit angry that the loved-ones are Tadhana, considering its tribe colors are red, and blood is thicker than water. But, hey, I'm not the host of Survivor. So then, Laura B. gets booted by Tadhana. NO SURPRISE THERE. Her husband, Rupert, is an uber-Survivor star who already won a million for being the Fan Favorite of All-Stars. Next thing you know, Candice gets kicked off. I'm surprised because of how well she played back in her first season. Then, Rupert takes his wife's place and Tina gets mad. NO SHOCKER. I'm personally not a big fan of Tina (I'm kinda angry she won instead of Colby), but this is Survivor! You can't always expect people to solve your biggest problems. Candice's husband disagrees, which clearly states he's trying to explain, You've played three seasons and you're practically a celebrity. It's my turn to play the game.. Then, they head to camp and immediately, the five guys of Tadhana form an alliance. As Reynold Toepfer said, "IT'S ONLY SURVIVOR 101." I was very entertained when they struggled to get fire.Then, at GalangColton apologized to Monica Jalapeno-pepper, who I really don't like. Next thing you know, it's Day 3, aka Challenge Day. I was once again entertained when Gervase FAILED at swimming. That's probably why they brought him back. After twenty-six seasons, Gervase, things have changed. OVER-TIME CHANGED. Then, Galang failed to bring the boat back, which I was definitely happy with. Then, puzzle-smart Ciera and puzzle-smart Katie (YEAH, RIGHT!) proceeded to make the final puzzles. That's when thunder struck. Since they're SUPER SMART at puzzles, Ciera and Katie fell behind, giving Galang the lead. Obviously, I'd knew they win. They're returnees! It's only a few times a newbie tribe beats a tribe of veterans, like last season. So, then, Gervase is cheering and goes crazy like a monkey. REALLY? YOU WERE OUT OF BREATH AT SWIMMING, BUT HAD ENOUGH ENERGY FOR A HIP-HIP-HOORAY? SO MUCH FOR JEOPARDIZING YOUR NIECE. Then, Colton went all SAD-FACED and Galang offered him help, sympathy, and went all apologetic. DON'T FALL FOR IT, GALANG! DO YOU KNOW WHO COLTON IS? Then, Tadhana left camp for Tribal Council, which is by far, ONE OF THE BEST TRIBAL COUNCILS I'VE EVER SEEN! So cool! So amazing! It's kinda small, though, if I have to say something negative. After getting their torches ALL FIRED UP, Hayden, the MILLION-DOLLAR BIG BROTHER CHAMP, aka Kat's boyfriend, tells about how they bluffed at the challenge saying they had fire. BIG MISTAKE, HAYDEN. DON'T LIE OR GAIN ATTENTION TO YOURSELF AT TRIBAL. REMEMBER DAWSON AND ROXY? THEY GAINED ATTENTION BY "TALKING ABOUT OTHERS" AND THEIR TORCHES GOT SNUFFED. DON'T DO THAT!!!! Then, Jeff keeps talking to Monica's husband, Brad Culpepper. EVER NOTICE HOW PROBST CAN'T STOP CALLING HIM CULPEPPER, EVEN THOUGH HE'S NOT A BIG COMPETITOR LIKE SKUPIN OR COCHRAN. Then, it's voting time. The votes are read and Marissa's mad. OOPS. MAYBE MY UNCLE SHOULD'VE TAKEN SOME OF VYTAS' YOGA CLASSES. That's enough, Marissa. BETTER CALM YOUR UNCLE DOWN NEXT SEASON. NICE TRY, THOUGH.