Hey, guys! It's Beemerboyz803 but feel free to call me Beemer. If you're reading this, please vote for your fav Caramoan castaway on my other blog posts. I've only had seven voters and I need more!! Besides that, everybody who formerly/currently watches/watched the show remembers one of the competing castaways getting snuffed by Jeff at Tribal Council. I will post the most recent snuffs from the seasons, as well as maybe one or two of my favorites. 


Francesca Hogi
194px-Vo francesca hogi

Francesca was voted out by her fellow Bikal.

Allie Pohevitz

Allie was blindsided by Gota. (Big mistake, Reynold!)

Hope Driskill
Vo hope

Hope also joined Allie, decimating Reynold's Couples Alliance, thanks to Gota.

Shamar Thomas

Shamar gets evacuated at Gota's camp on Day 10.

Laura Alexander
Vo laura a

Hours after Shamar is pulled from the game, Gota blindsided their weakling, Laura Alexander.

Brandon Hantz

In a dramatic turn of events, Brandon Hantz unanimously left the game after sabotaging Bikal's camp.

Matt Bischoff
Survivor matt

Matt gets blindsided by his new Bikal tribemates.

Julia Landauer

Bikal blindsides Julia on Day 19.

Corinne Kaplan
Vo corinne

After merging into Enil Edam, Phillip finally succeeded in removing major threat Corinne Kaplan.

Michael Snow

Three days later, Corinne's closest ally, Michael Snow, became the first jury member.