Hey, guys! It's Beemerboyz803 but call me Beemer. So, the newest season of Survivor is in Caramoan. I'll do this with every season before Caramoan, but since it's new, I think I'll go backwards. So, I'm going to do a poll to see what the wiki's favorite Caramoan castaway is. The poll is open until Survivor: Caramoan ends in May. Here are the contestant's names and a short summary of their time on Caramoan. 


The Gota Tribe, wearing the orange buffs, consists of 10 die-hard fans of the series. 

  • Michael Snow - A member of the Gota Six alliance. 
  • Laura Alexander - A member of the Gota Six alliance. Along with Sherri Biethman, Laura orchestrated the blindside of fellow contestant Allie Pohevitz on Day 5. She was blindsided by her own alliance on Day 10.
  • Eddie Fox - A member of the dissolving Couples Alliance. Along with his three other allies, he shares a notable hatred for Shamar Thomas, their alliance's main target.
  • Julia Landauer - A member of the Gota Six alliance.
  • Matt Bischoff - A member of the Gota Six alliance. Tried to get into the Couples Alliance, who he later betrayed by blindsiding Allie Pohevitz and Hope Driskill in back-to-back tribal councils. He made it to the tribe switch, but was voted out by his new Bikal tribe on Day 16.
  • Allie Pohevitz - A member of the dissolving Couples Alliance. Notable for her cuddling with ally Reynold Toepfer, she was blindsided by the Gota Six alliance on Day 5. 
  • Shamar Thomas - A member of the Gota Six alliance. Notable for his infuriating hatred for the Couples Alliance, Shamar was criticized by every member of Gota for being lazy, loud, and annoying, especially to the Couples Alliance. Even though being tough, he scratched his eye after a piece of sand landed in it, being medically evacuated on Day 9, shocking the Favorites.
  • Sherri Biethman - The leader of the Gota Six alliance. Sherri befriended Shamar Thomas (she is the only person on Gota to like him) and, with her four other alliance members, plans to eliminate and remove the Couples Alliance from the game (two of the four Couples Alliance members are gone). 
  • Reynold Toepfer - A member of the dissolving Couples Alliance. He is notable for disliking Shamar Thomas and Matt Bischoff (his former ally). Also noted for finding the immunity idol at Gota's camp and for snuggling with Allie Pohevitz on Night 1 (she was blindsided by the Gota Six four days later). 
  • Hope Driskill - A member of the dissolving Couples Alliance. Hope is noted for being friends with  Eddie Fox (Reynold is friends with Allie). Trying to create a plan to eliminate her alliance's enemy Shamar Thomas, she tied with Eddie and Shamar 3-3-3 at the Gota's second tribal. During the revote, she, Shamar, and Eddie could not vote, giving the Gota Six the chance to eliminate her. She was sent home in a 5-1-0 revote/blindside.


The Bikal Tribe, wearing purple buffs, consists of 10 fan-favorite contestants from past seasons.