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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hi guys! It's Beemer. So Wednsday's Survivor episode was pretty UPSETTING. RUPERT WAS ELIMINATED OFF OF REDEMPTION ISLAND! I just wish Laura wasn't targeted due to Rupert's fame so he wouldn't be in this position. Could you imagine? Day 3, and I'm eliminated. That's crazy! And then, Candice wins, so he gives the IDOL CLUE TO HER HUSBAND IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! THAT'S SO DUMB!  No surprise, but everyone's bombing him for it. CAN I SEE THE IDOL CLUE? LET'S BE IN AN ALLIANCE. IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! As of right now, John has the most power in the entire game. FACE IT TADHANA, YOU'RE WORTHLESS RIGHT NOW (EXCEPT FOR YOU JOHN.) I know almost all of you agree, but Colton is really ridiculous, almost like the Wicked Witch. I'd expect any episode …

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Standout Winners

    September 22, 2013 by Beemerboyz803

    Hi everyone! Now, remember a couple months ago when I did Survivor standouts? Well, I said three weeks, but it's been long overdue three weeks. So, here are the winners:

    Fabio Birza - 6 votes against Kat Edorrson 

    Eddie Fox - 5 votes against Alicia Calaway

    Cirie Fields and Rob Cesternino tied for 3 votes.

    Parvati Shallow won with 5 votes.

    John Cochran, winner of Survivor: Caramoan, won with 6 votes.

    Amanda Kimmel and Parvati Shallow's friendship in Micronesia won them with 6 votes.

    Against fellow Micronesia castaway Alexis Jones, Erik Reichenbach claims the title with 5 votes.

    The Golden Boy Malcolm Freberg wins this award with 5 votes.

    You probably knew Phillip Sheppard was gonna win. Spending 39 days with Boston Rob, calling people "red-headed st…

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hey! Beemerboyz803 again. So, this past Wednesday, the first episode of Blood vs. Water aired on CBS. I am super excited for the season. I love the idea, I like that Redemption Island was brought back, but I am disappointed with some of the returnees. Here are my suggestions for the Blood vs. Water returnees. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANY OF THESE PLAYERS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR RETURNEES IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

    • Tyson Apostol was a powerhouse, but unfortunately, he made one of the dumbest Survivor moves his second time playing. I think he deserved a chance to correct mistakes and go a bit further.
    • Rupert Boneham might have been back four times, but WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT RUPERT? It was kind of disappointin…

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hey. Beemerboyz803 again. I decided since I haven't been on that much, I'm going to post my thoughts and reviews about the past episode(s) of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS BELOW, BUT PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN I DO. 

    So, the unexpected Day 0 was pretty cool. I wish they'd shown more of their experience and that awful first night in the jungle. Next morning, the couples meet with their tribe. Okay, I'm a bit angry that the loved-ones are Tadhana, considering its tribe colors are red, and blood is thicker than water. But, hey, I'm not the host of Survivor. So then, Laura B. gets booted by Tadhana. NO SURPRISE THERE. Her husband, Rupert, is an uber-Survivor star w…

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Snuffed for Good

    March 23, 2013 by Beemerboyz803

    Hey, guys! It's Beemerboyz803 but feel free to call me Beemer. If you're reading this, please vote for your fav Caramoan castaway on my other blog posts. I've only had seven voters and I need more!! Besides that, everybody who formerly/currently watches/watched the show remembers one of the competing castaways getting snuffed by Jeff at Tribal Council. I will post the most recent snuffs from the seasons, as well as maybe one or two of my favorites. 

    Francesca Hogi .]]
    Allie Pohevitz . (Big mistake, Reynold!)]]
    Hope Driskill .]]
    Shamar Thomas 's camp on Day 10.]]
    Laura Alexander blindsided their weakling, Laura Alexander.]]
    Brandon Hantz unanimously left the game after sabotaging Bikal's camp.]]
    Matt Bischoff tribemates.


    Julia Landauer blindsides Juli…

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