• Avery FireFlame

    Hey, Survivor fans! As a long time superfan of Survivor and a strong supporter of the gems that are the Survivor series of YouTube, I'm here to introduce a brand new season of Survivor for fans in the Nashville, Tennessee area who have always wanted to play the game, and are willing to give it a shot! 

    Survivor: Stones River is taking applications, and is set to film Spring of 2018 in the Stones River Battlefield area of Murfreesboro, TN.

    This is the first season in the series and we're seeing how things go! 

    We're looking for interesting, dynamic applicants who are competitive and willing to survive in the wilderness for 5 days, while being filmed 24/7. No Survivor knowledge is required. 

    If you decide to apply, …

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  • Avery FireFlame

    Out of the several themes Survivor has stapled on its number of returning player seasons, Heroes vs. Villains is one of my favorites. Below is a list of 40 contestants, (20 men and 20 women), that I believe have the best chance of being cast if there was another Heroes vs. Villains season. The line-up is a mixture of my own personal opinion, along with my instinct on who CBS would be more likely to want back.

    NOTE: This is not a cast of 20 players. This is a pool of 40 contestants I think would be most eligible/suited for a Heroes vs. Villains 2.

    • A majority of the pool of contestants below are post-season 20 players. However, there are a few missed oppurtunities from earlier seasons sprinkled in.
    • Any contestant who appeared in the original He…

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