Name (Age): Jacob (25)

Current Residence: New York, N.Y.


Occupation: Writer

Personal Claim to Fame: To have the Perfect Girl of My Dream.

Inspiration of My life: My Mom, Before she died she always tells me "when life gets you down, you start to get used to it and you relized it wont be so bad" she belives I'm a Fighter and I can take on any challenge thats about to hit me. 

Hobbies: Talking to Friends, Running and learning new things.

Pet Peeves: Cocky People, Rich People, and Bullies not cool.

Survivor Contestants you are most like: I'm Like Tom Westman he a very strong Leader and I hope I can bring into that for my team. 

Reason for being on Survivor: I LOVE THE SHOW and I like to compete.

Why you think you will be the "Sole Survivor" I'm Smart, I'm Good at challenges and I dont care if i do lie as long as I dont get voted out then I'll be good to the finale.

Becky G
Name (Age): Becky (23)

Current Residence: Katy, Texas

Occupation: Bartender

Personal Claim to Fame: Get people to respect me as ME because what you see is what you get.

Inspiration in Life: My Grandma she everything to me.

Hobbies: Partying, and Hang with my gurls.

Pet Peeves: Fake People, liars, and stupid ass people.

Survivor Contestants you are most like: Corrine from Gabon Because she keeps it real.

Reason of Being on Survivor: To let America know what I made up until they see my face.

Why you think you will be "Sole Survivor* Its called "OUTWIT, OUTPLAY AND OUTLAST" I will do abosulty do all three of them because then they have no choice but to declare me as winner.


Name (Age):  Mikey (29)

Current Residence:   Miami, Fla.

Occupation:  Car Company Owner.

Personal Claim to Fame:  Me and My whole Familt Battling Cancer and Survived one.

Inspiration in Life:  My Family we gone through so much togethor and I want them to make them pround of me.

Hobbies:   Camping, Biking, and Rapping.

Pet Peeves:  Rude People, Meanies, and People who can really get on your nerves.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  Fabio because people underestimated him because he's blonde I have Blue Hair so that's another story.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  the show my favorite and I need the money.

Why You Think You Will Be the "Sole SURVIVOR"  I can be not serious sometimes but in a games like this I know I would go far.


Name (Age): ​  Wendy (21)

Current Residence: Los Angeles

   Occupation:  Unemployed

Personal Claim to Fame:  Buying the most expensive shoes on shopping spree.

Inspiration in Life: My Daddy for giving me a credit card with his account to let be buy all the thing I want. 

Hobbies: Shopping, Clubing, Watching The Notebook.  ​

Pet Peeves:  Poor People and People with no money.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  Courtney Yates, she so fabulous.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: The Money Duh... I mean do you know how many lip glosses that would take for a million dollors OH MY GOD I'M GONNA PASS OUT.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR:  Because I'm flirtatious because I can get anything I want.