Since Survivor Cagayan Premiere's tonight, I think its time that I should give out my own Assessment on the cast and predict what they will do in the game. I will judge each contestant based on: First Impressions, Cast Bios, Cast Interview and even Jeff's Assessment.

Introduction in Survivor Cagayan

I have to say this is by far the best cast I've seen since the new players of Philippines. Almost the majority of cast may looked like their recruited but they actually aren't, I mean how many people on Survivor that has a name such as Jefra, Brice, LJ, Garret, J'Tia, Tasha, or even WOO! There even some names that we have not seen in awhile like, Alexis, Morgan, Sarah, Lindsey, Trish. I mean I can't hardly believe their even recruited which there's atleast two people obviously are (Cliff and David). If I can compare this new cast to the new cast in One World, it be two things; The Cast of Cagayan are Likeable, and have best personalities. Which makes me really excited to see these personalities come together to hopefully make a great season. I also think that the twist Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty will most likely be interesting because its sort of like you have Malcolm vs Cochran vs Parvati. Mainly for Survivor Fans its basically all about Brawns vs Brains cause that's what they would most likely root for, and obviously they already think that the Beauty tribe is not gonna win since they would mostly play flirt card like Parvati which she had done in most of her seasons and manage to win one, so most people would try to play like she did but failed, and mostly because when girls who are beautiful they get kicked off pre-merge, but that's not usually the case, cause this is how Amber and Natalie won over two of the most iconic villains in their respective seasons, they won because they are more SOCIAL and knows Jury Management then Rob and Russell, because back in Borneo Survivor is about a SOCIAL experiment, and I think thats what the Beauty tribe are gonna do is use their charm and be nice to everyone in order to get a jury vote and not to a villain that they don't like. Unless if a villain had a better social game that person could have a better shot. So don't judge a book by its cover on the beauty tribe cause I believe they could bring something to the table that most people would be very surprise. As for Brawns, one could mostly likely win because their strong at challenge, (Not Really) but in order for one of them to win they should not Show-Off how strong their are and play it social cause its not always about winning challenges its not gonna give you the million dollars.  Brains oh how I love brains they look so awesome or course I would root for them, I'm Nerd/Geek/Hipster myself, but they could have a hard time when it comes to challenges but they got nothing to worry about I believe because they have two strong teammembers who I'm surprised they are on the brains tribe. But enough of that lets get to the cast.



First Impressions- He seem to be a gentle giant someone who is the second tallest person in Survivor. Got to give him credit for that though. 

Cliff's Bio- It seems that we're gonna be seeing a lot from him, because obviously he's professional athlete. I say he is one of the recruits because what he most like is Boston Rob which I have seen a lot of those from other contestants profile, he could have said he was like Brad or Jeff since their both Pro Athletes. He already have lots of money so why is coming to Survivor? To win money of course. 

Cliff's Interview-  God! He's just awful, everything he says to me is full of crap. He looked so unfamiliar of the game and is confused like "Why am I here?" Another thing he keep saying "UH" like TWICE in some sentence that he's using all the time. That just goes to show you that he is Recruited. He is just waste of space and has not personalities either, he's just so Boring! The one thing I have something nice to say is I sort of do like that he is called "Uncle Cliffy" so I give him points a little bit.

Jeff's Assessment on Cliff- I don't even know who he is, if I was on this season I still wouldn't know who he is cause I'm not much of a fan of sports. How would David know could be something going on, maybe he might outed Cliff and say that he is a NBA Basketball Star. I do agree on Jeff that Cliff is gonna be needed in challenge by telling he has done some sports but not telling I may thousands of dollars from being an NBA.

Predictions- He is obviously gonna get some huge parts at the pre-merge stage based on the edits of course, but once he gets to the merge I won't see him last so long cause then people may caught up with him and may find out that he's in NBA and will be seen as a threat and kicked off soon.


First Impressions- She looked tough, she almost looked like Corrine, but I see as a pre-merge boot.

Sarah's Bio- Her bio looks promising, though again I'm not sure what type of strategy she would do. Though I can see her at the merge now, but not for a very long time.

Sarah's Interview- When I first watched her interview she just bores me to death and I'm like how does she even got through the casting process when she sounded so dull. Then I watched it again and figured it out what she's gonna do in the game. I could actually see her in an Main Alliance of the Brawns and might do well at the pre-merge stage, but once at the merge she's gonna have to be careful.

Jeff's Assessment on Sarah- I'm surprised that he thought of Sarah as a Favorite, well not right now at Pre-Game she's not loved by the audience yet because we're not for sure how she's gonna do in the game. I agree that she does look like a people person, and that's why I think she could be part of an alliance but how long will it last?

Predictions- I would definitely see as part of a majority alliance of the brawn's tribe. But in Survivor's past a switch up or a dissolve could change the impact of the game or ruined someone's game so if that happens to her she's doomed.


First Impressions- Is that Vin Diesel how does he get on Survivor? I could see him as a villain, he looks deviously and he could be a hard person to get rid of.

Tony's Bio- I think he could be a big part of Survivor early on, I think he's sort of prepared and thinks that Survivor was built for him. If learning to adapt then he can most likely find the H.I.I. to save himself and prepare himself for a blindside.

Tony's Interview- He sounded cocky, and people might find that a threat and I can see that he is like a Russell Hantz wannabe so I know for sure that he is not gonna win. Everything he says about trying to think like your opponent and be one step ahead, I just don't believe that for some reason all I see is a Russell Wannabe and add Boston Rob to the flavor and you get Tony.

Jeff's Assessment on Tony- This will certainly be interesting having two cops on a same tribe, and I agree with Sarah he sounded like a jerk cop, cause he sounded so cocky. I also agree with Jeff because he's not gonna win, because like Russell he's not gonna do well with people around him, and he certainly will not gonna even get a jury vote. 

Predictions- I see him as a villain of course so I think he can make lots of move, but people can see him as threat and be hard to get rid of since with a old twist with the H.I.I. he's not going anywhere anytime soon. But I hope somebody finds an idol instead of him and have a chance to take him out.


First Impressions- Flicka 2.0?

Lindsay's Bio- Lindsay seems to be free-spirited, and there some I find her pretty funny. I do respect that she be fighting for her daughter, and I liked that Lindsay saying that Beauty are better social players and Survivor is a social game. I think I might like her, but she could be on the outside and may get kick off early.

Lindsay's Interview- Am I the only one that she sounded a little bit like Parvati? I think Lindsay maybe the one person to keep an eye on. The one thing I was confused about was the Body Language type strategy and its her job and it was she does, How is being a hairdresser help you learn Body Language from people? and then thought about just now but I'm still on edge to whats she's talking about. I think she wanted to be a sidekick to someone who is a lot more logic from what she said in her video, so it be cool to she what she can do who says like that coming from someone like her.

Jeff's Assessment on Lindsay- I kind of don't get how being a hairdresser can help her win the game, but she is very likeable I'll agree to that, so I guess what he meant was she being like this for somebody else who may or may not be well-liked so with her being likeable maybe she could have a shot at winning.

Predictions- Lindsay could be an early target, but when the tribe dissolve came in this could be her opportunity to gain some allys and might take control but on the other hand she could might not last long if her tribe ever looses so she gonna have to find an Idol or have your torch snuffed.


First Impression- I'm not gay or anything but DAYUM he is like the best looking Asian guy I have seen in my life and I want him!

Woo's Bio- I do like Woo, he's really likeable he seems like a really nice guy, the one question I have is, Is does he know how to the play the game when it comes to making move? Woo is definitely needed on he's team because he look extremely fit. 

Woo's Interview- Wait he's 30 years old? Why does it say 29? Anyways he's interview I couldn't quite make heads or tails of how he's gonna do in Survivor, all I here from him is about Tai-Kai-Do and stuff. He also wants to find himself to see who he is, I understand that but you need keep focus to not only Tai-Kai-Do but who you with on the island, so he does needs to stay focus on he's surrounding on he could get a blindside.

Jeff's Assessment on Woo- I think Jeff's extremely right, he's likeable, he's open-minded, and he could be the Fabio that people could not expect.

Predictions- I think Woo can do well by laying low and fly under the radar but he's gonna have to do something in order to go the end and win that money in he's pocket.