As everyone else here does, I love Survivor. There are many I would love to see come back so here are my casts for certain twists. Some players will be on more than one. Basically these lists are of playersi wanna see again.I hope you like these.

Heroes vs. Villians II

I would love to see another Heroes vs Villians. My favorite season! 20 Contestants

Heroes Seasons Villians Seasons
Spencer Bledsoe Cagayan Tony Vlachos Cagayan
Benjamin "Coach"Wade Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villians, South Pacific Russell Hantz Samoa, Heroes vs. Villians, Redemption Island
Carter Williams Phillipines Brandon Hantz South Pacific, Caramoan
Ozzy Lusthe Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific Marty Piomba Nicaragua
Yau-Man Chan Fiji, Micronesia Ace Gordon Gabon
Lisa Whelchel Phillipines Abi Maria-Gomes Philipines
Peih-Gee Law China Kass McQuillen Cagayan
Kim Spradlin One World Jerri Manthey Australian Outback, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villians
Twila Tanner Vanuatu Danielle DiLorenzo Exile Island, Heroes vs Villans
Monica Culpepper One World, Blood vs. Water Danni Boatwright Guatemala
You guys comment On what you think Put who You think I will put honorable mentions
Shannon "Shambo" Waters Samoa Sash Lenahan


Bob Crowley Gabon Jonny Fairplay Pearl Islands, Micronesia
Rafe Judkins Guatemala Natalie Bolton Micronesia
Yul Kwon Cook Islands Rob Cesternino Amazon, All-Stars
Ken Hoang Gabon Hayden Moss Blood vs. Water
Ian Rosenburger Palau Ciera Eastin Blood vs. Water
Cao Boi Cook Islands Shane Powers Panama
J.T Thomas Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villians Brian Heidik Thailand
Stephen Fishbach Tocantins Courtney Yates China, Heroes vs. Villians

Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II

Loved this twist, this time with returning players! 21 Contestants (really want an odd number of players)

Brains Seasons Brawns Seasons Beauties Seasons
Yau-Man Chan Fiji, Micronesia Crystal Cox Gabon Eddie Fox Caramoan
Yul Kwon Cook Islands Brad Culpepper Blood vs Water Hope Driskill Caramoan
Cirie Fields Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villians Malcolm Freberg Phillipines, Caramoan Pete Yurkowski Phillipines
Bob Crowley Gabon Shannon Elkins Nicaragua Fabio Birza Nicaragua
Stephen Fishbach Tocantins Erik Cardona Samoa Angie Layton Phillipines
Chelsea Meissner One World
Jenna Morasca Amazon, All-Stars
Honorable Mentions said by you guys will go below
Rob Cesternino Amazon, All-Stars Carter Williams Phillipines
Dave Ball Samoa
Lex van den Berghe Africa, All-Stars
Frosti Zernow China
Terry Deitz Panama

Dumb vs Strategical Players

Dumb would be players that made a stupid mistake or did not do much but made it far. Strategical is self explanatory. If you have questions about my choices just ask in the comments. 20 Contestants

Dumb Players Seasons Strategical Players Seasons
Erik Reinbach Micronesia, Caramoan Yul Kwon Cook Islands
Matt Bischoff Caramoan Yau-Man Chan Fiji, Micronesia
Paschal English Marquesas Russell Hantz Samoa, Heroes vs. Villians, Redemption Islands
Flicka Smith Cook Islands Tony Vlachos Cagayan
Sash Lenahan Nicaragua Spencer Bledsoe Cagayan
Francesca Hogi Redemption Island, Caramoan Natalie White Samoa
Shamar Thomas Caramoan Corinne Kaplan Gabon, Caramoan
J'Tia Taylor Cagayan
Kass McQuillen Cagayan
Honorable Mentions said by       you go below
Matt Elrod Redemption Island J.T Thomas Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villians
Zane Knight Phillipines
Tarzan Smith One World
Troyzan Robertson One World

Second Chances

Only medically evacuated people on one tribe against early voted outs, that have played once, on the other tribe. 2 players that have played twice will be on. Michael Skupin and Tom Buchanan! 16 Contestants

Medically Evacuated Seasons Early Outs Seasons
Gary Stritesky Fiji Billy Garcia Cook Islands
Mike Borassi Samoa Garret Adelstein Cagayan
Kourtney Moon One World
Dana Lambert Phillipines
Michael Skupin Australian Outback, Phillipines Tom Buchanan Africa, All-Stars
Honorable Mention


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