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    As everyone else here does, I love Survivor. There are many I would love to see come back so here are my casts for certain twists. Some players will be on more than one. Basically these lists are of playersi wanna see again.I hope you like these.

    I would love to see another Heroes vs Villians. My favorite season! 20 Contestants

    Heroes Seasons Villians Seasons
    Spencer Bledsoe Cagayan Tony Vlachos Cagayan
    Benjamin "Coach"Wade Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villians, South Pacific Russell Hantz Samoa, Heroes vs. Villians, Redemption Island
    Carter Williams Phillipines Brandon Hantz South Pacific, Caramoan
    Ozzy Lusthe Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific Marty Piomba Nicaragua
    Yau-Man Chan Fiji, Micronesia Ace Gordon Gabon
    Lisa Whelchel Phillipines Abi Maria-…

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