aka Robert Lyčka

  • I live in Ostrava
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Andapavobor

    • Returning Players - Full cast is made of returning players
    • Free Agents Twist - From Day One contestants will play individual game, no tribes, before every immunity challenge players wount know who would they will be paired up with, the losing group will go back to camp and then vote out someone on tribal council
    • Winners Island - After the immunity challenge the safe players will go to the winners island
    • Late Tribes - The tribe wil be formed while 12 players left, after two peoples will be voted out merge will start and it would be individual game again
    • Hidden Immunity Idol - There will be Hidden Immunity Idols in play
    • Double Tribal Council - On Day 3, every single contestant will go to tribal council, first women would vote someone of them out and t…

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