This is ranked in order of who I think is the least best to the best. Not necessarily who will win because in a game like Survivor, you'll never know who will really win because of all the hidden immunity idols, stupid moves, evacuations, etc

Final 10

Based on the last episodes, there are 2 ways that this game could go; Jay's way or Kim's way so at the end of my opinion on each player, I placed what could happen if it went Kim's way or if it goes Jay's way

10.) Leif Manson

This has nothing against him being vertically challenged. I knew that he would be a strong player from start because theres no way the directors would put in somebody like him if he was just gonna be the first person to go. The directors have been known to put pawns in the game like Diane Ogden from season 3 or Billy Garcia from season 13 but they are people who would still stand a chance if they managed to make a good alliance but with Leif, he is the type of person that would already grab a bad first impression so the directors would immedietly cut him if he didn't bring anything to the game. I knew he could be a good player from the start because of this and by looking at him, you could already tell that he would be strong when it came to strength but its a purely different story when it comes to strategy. He is the guy who told Bill that he was going home and when Colton found out, Leif didn't even deny it! Colton would have been more likely to believe Leif rather than believe Michael who wasn't even in his alliance and would really be willing to stir things up. In an interview between Jonas and Rob Cesturnino on "Rob Has a Podcast" it was stated that nobody really trusted Leif after that move. I'm guessing he'll be around for a while but he won't make it to the final 5 or even the final 7.

9.) Tarzan Smith

I'm talking about the most unlikeable person in the game. The second I saw him, I was thinking "I am deffinitly not going to like this guy". He is a terrible social player, remember that he constantly annoys people in his camp like when Chelsea was doing laundry and he threw his shit stained underwear (The contestants swear that its shit and not dirt, it really didn't smell like dirt) in the pot or how he made a comment about her boob job because he thinks she is pissed at all plastic surgeons (seriously? the fact that you have an unlikeable personality never crossed his mind?). My guess is that Tarzan is the type of person who nobody likes but doesn't know that nobody likes him. I'm sure he doesn't think that everybody loves him either, I think that he thinks that they are more on the neutral side so bottom line: I think he's a know it all pawn that should have been out a long time ago, the only reason why he outranks Leif is because though he played one of the worst social games in the history of survivor (probably 2nd place to Phillip Sheppard ), he still stayed true to his strategies but bare in mind that he and Leif have an incredibly small margin. I think Tarzan's fate largely depends on the next episode (episode 9) because if the girls have their way; he will most definitly not be in the final 5 but if the guys manage to take back the game then they'd probably take Tarzan to the end because nobody would vote for him. So basically, I think he has a chance at making it to the final three but a 0% chance of winning. Did you guys notice that its always the old crazy know it all who walks around in tight underwear that nobody likes?

8.) Christina Cha

I loved Christina from the start of the game and she was my initial favorite. I think that this could've been a good season in her favor had she been in the main girl alliance unfortunetly it all came down to luck. Not only did she fall into the minority alliance but she also got on Alecia's bad side during the few days/hours that Alecia was the ring leader of the girl's alliance which put a gigantic target on her back, things could have gone her way had she been on the Salani tribe during the tribe switch because she could have swung a few guys in her alliance or she could have also been in a good spot of Colton was in Salani instead of Manono because nobody would convince Alecia to jump ships but unfortunetly, luck wasn't really on her side in this game. Christina, Kat and Alecia are very close in this but I'd have to say that Christina is the weakest player among the three mainly because of her luck and a bit on her social game because she wasn't able to get into the main girl alliance in the first day like Kat did but I think she's still a good player judging by how she managed to convince the guys to give them fire during the first few days. Sadly I don't think Christina has a good chance in making it to the finals unless she chooses to jump over to the boy's tribe, tells them who the girls are gonna vote for and lets Troyzan use his immunity idol to vote out one of the girls and officially be part of the boy's alliance at this point. This move could earn her a slot in the final 3 because if Kim's plan works out, she'll probably be one of the first gone in the final 6. The problem with that plan is that if she jumps ships, she'll be getting 5 people mad at her and you cant win the game with almost half the people mad at you and this move could end up getting her as the last girl but the first person voted out from the guy's alliance so basically she could risk being the next Cochrain. However theres an upside, if nobody knows that she tipped off the guys on who they'd vote for then she could be the last girl standing and maybe get to the final 3 without any malice from the girls unless one of the guys tell everyone what she really did.

7.) Kat Edorsson

The margin between Kat and Christina is small, smaller than Tarzan in Leif because Kat has the qualities of a below average player. Alecia put her in her initial alliance and clearly stated "She was a little weak and she annoyed me a little", she was called a dumb blond by Nina who was kind of spot on (my favorite moment was when Jeff told everyone that Colton had apendicitis and her reaction was "Oh my god!...Whats that?"), she's bad in challenges as shown in episode 2 and whenever theres a puzzle and she even got Jeff Probst to mention that she has says things before she thinks during a "meet the cast" interview (They showed a scene of her saying "sometimes I wet the bed") but the reason why she outranks Christina is because despite all of these, she still managed to get into Alecia's alliance and to still have a good position in the game. It was stated in an interview with Michael in "Rob has a podcast" that he grew close with Kat and that they had a solid bond which hints that Kat has a good social game. Kat is a social player and I'd be sincerely surprised if I found out that she takes any initiative during the season because I think she just road coat-tails the whole game. The game could go two ways, if it goes Kim's way then she'll be in the final 5 or maybe the final 4 but if it goes Jay's way then she wont even make it to the final 5.

6.) Alecia Rosa

I disliked Alecia from the start and though people commend her for being quick on making an alliance, she didn't put much thought into it. Her goal was to keep the tribe strong by getting strong people in her alliance, so my question is "What's Kat doing in that alliance?" maybe Alecia was just too quick to make an alliance but if she really put thought in it, it should have been Monica in there instead of Kat BUT maybe Alecia had a good strategy after all, she may have not wanted too many strong people in the final 5 so she could have planned to get Kat in her alliance just to make sure that she has a slot in the final 4 but I'm not sure thats true since she didn't say so in her interview. One thing good about Alecia is that she has a good social game; she created the first alliance withing the first few hours of the game, she managed to get on Colton's good side during the tribe switch even though Colton already had the numbers and she has kept her name off tribal council so far. However when the game comes to Strategy, I don't think Alecia is a real good player because I don't see why she's mad at Christina for making that deal with the men on the first few days because Christina indeed got fire from the men that the women really needed so how could Alecia hate Christina for that? Maybe Christina has just been on the guys side of the beach more than the girls side of the beach offscreen because Alecia got the impression that "She's playing us" but she was wrong from the get go because it seemed very clear that Christina was doing what was best for her tribe. Another quality in Alecia is her luck, she was supposed to be voted out on day 11 when they lost the immunity challenge but against all odds, Colton went crazy and decided that it should have been the guys who'd go to tribal council instead (seriously, thats the luckiest anyone has ever been on the show), she may have been unlucky during the tribe switch by being the only person in her alliance that wasn't in Salani and that Colton, her only ally was out of the game which putting her in the hotseat because the rest of the men knew what a threat she was and she didn't have Colton to protect her anymore but again, her luck came through when the merged. Seriously, how lucky can this girl get? I don't know about Alecia's position in the game because her initial alliance may be dead since she voted for Tarzan last week when her initial alliance voted for Michael so I'm not sure if Alecia is as strong with the girls anymore but one thing for sure is that if it goes Kim's way and all the girls make it to the final 6, Alecia will probably place 6th because it would clearly be between her and Christina who can easily tell everyone that she aligned with Colton to vote out Monica. If things go Jay's way then she still probably wouldn't make it to the final 5 unless she convinces the guys to get rid of Tarzan and Leif first. So in conclusion; Alecia is lucky to still be in the game but her luck will soon run out. I think the next episode would be interesting because she just might jump over to the guys' tribe

5.) Chelsea Meissner

I don't really know how Chelsea plays the game because among the final 10 players, she had the least screen time but judging from what we DO know, she's in a strong alliance with Kim and Sabrina who are planning to go to the final 3 together so she had a good sense of who to align with. But I don't think she is really that strategic because when she was convincing Jay to vote for Michael, she was crazy enough to say do it in front of Christina and Alecia which may not have been a good move since the girls knew that it would be hard to convince the guys to vote out one more guy and if weren't for Kim, the guys would have found out their plan and maybe would have been able to send a girl home. So strategy wise, she isn't that good a player and my prediction is that if things go Kim's way then Chelsea will be the 2nd runner up and if things go Jay's way then she'll be one of the first out.

4.) Troyzan Robertson

I didn't really like Troyzan in the beggining but he really proved himself at the tribe switch when he alligned with Kim and managed to find that idol but he was so quick to believe that Michael was out to get him which but we can't really blame him because according to Michael in an interview with Rob Cesternino on "Rob has a podcast" Michael and Troyzan really had a bad connection from the start so Kim basically told him that someone who he thinks is gonna backstabb him soon is about to backstabb him, you can't really blame Troyzan for believing that. Troyzan is a good player and his Idol could bring him to the final 3 but more on that later. If things go Kim's way then Troyzan is gonna be one of the next few people out but if things go Jay's way then Troyzan is a sure contender for the title.

3.) Jay Byars

Jay can really make a move in this game (scroll down for Jay's Possible Plan) and that move could make a huge difference in the game. I think the next episode will be the one that could re-define the whole course of the game because it was already defined in this episode when Kim chose to stay loyal to her Girl Tribe but Jay may be able to turn the tables 2 guys down. In my opinion, Jay is a pretty good player because he tried to align with the right people but unfortunetly he aligned with a dumbass who decided to keep his alliance of 4 in a tribe of 9 and still believe that he had the power. But even when Colton was killing his alliance, he managed to get a small spot in there so that if it came down to Colton's alliance + him, he would have still had a chance. During the tribe switch, he managed to convince Kim to form an alliance with Troyzan and Chelsea even though the girls already had the numbers in their tribe. I don't think you can really blame Jay for voting out Jonas because Jonas was really the big threat in the Manono tribe so I can't really penalize him for that, he seemed to have believed Kim's story about how Michael was targeting Troyzan because during tribal council that night, he voted for Michael along with Troyzan. So I don't know whats going to tip him off that Kim is up to something but he could have the power if he plays his cards right. In conclusion, Jay could play a big role in the next episode or leave it to be an all girl sweep. He will either be one of the next two to go or sit next to Troyzan in the finals.

2.) Sabrina Thompson

Sabrina is a brilliant social player as well as an athletic player, she truely belongs in the game and she stands a chance at being called back next season. She started out by being clever enough to find a hidden immunity idol which unfortunetly wasn't for her tribe and was required to give it to someone from the Manono tribe before the next tribal council so she gave it to Colton and showed off her Strategic gameplan because by giving it to Colton she managed to give him the power to vote out the muscle alliance and get him on her good side for the merge. She was literally telling Colton what to do during their first few days on the island and got a good amount of information from the tribe through Colton like how it was clearly a 4 vs 4 alliance with nobody aligned with Colton, so used this information to convince Colton to control the 4 weaker players and manipulated him into voting out the muscle alliance by telling him that he was "disposable" to them because with Colton's idol he could have shown it to the muscle alliance ang get himself alligned with them. In my opinion, Sabrina is in the best position in the game because she is in good terms with every player left and she has a deal with Chelsea and Kim to the final 3. My guess is that if things go Kim's way, Sabrina would most likely win because Kim is calling the blindsides among the men so she'll most likely take the blame for it, Chelsea really hasn't done much in the game and Sabrina is percieved as the best person among the three because she's might not take any blame for Kim's strategies and she is in good terms with everybody. If things go Jay's way then she might still find a way to get to the final 3 but more on that later. In conclusion: Sabrina is most likely to win but only because Kim may take the blame for all her actions which means that Kim is really calling all the shots and since this blog post isn't about who would go the furthest, Sabrina only ranks 2nd

1.) Kim Spradling

She may have played an under the radar game until the tribe switch but now that Jonas is gone, everybody thinks that its Kim whos gonna win because she really is a great player. She's athletic, she found the idol, she's smart with alliances and more importantly, she's brilliant with strategies. Kim Formed an alliance with Troyzan and Jay even though she had the numbers in that tribe which proved to be very usefull for her in the merge because she was able to make it seem that it was Salani vs Manono when it was really girls vs boys which proves her to be a brilliant manipulator and player. I and millions of other viewers have high praises for Kim because among this group of people, she really seems like the best and if the show decides to bring back players for another season; Kim would have a great chance at coming back. She's calling all the shots in this season which could earn her a slot in the final 3 and maybe even the win if the jury praises her for her strategic actions but is also putting a gigantic target on her back and could get her voted out in the next few episodes.

Jay's Possible Plan

There are a few things to be considered here. This is just a guess but in my opinion, it could be the best move the guys could make at this point especially since Jay is suspicious and thinks he has a chance even though he's down 2 people.


1.) Jay tells Kim/Chelsea (the camera only showed the back of her head) that the next 4 votes are going to her

2.) He tries to convince Christina to join them

3.) He tries to convince Kat to join them who gives him a smile in return

4.) Troyzan has an Idol

5.) Christina and Alecia voted for Tarzan in the last episode which could signal that they're not as close with their tribemates

What Could Happen

First of all, I don't think it is ever smart to tell the person you're voting for that you're gonna vote for them because that could lead him/her to stir things up or even pull out an idol, in this case Kim really does have an idol which destroy Jay's plan but Jay might have a reason for telling Kim/Chelsea that they're voting for her since he's officially breaking his alliance with them. So basically, one of 2 things can happen

Scenario One

I'm guessing that Jay noticed that Alecia and Christina in that good a position with the women and try to swing them over to vote out the women which is tempting since Tarzan and Leif are also in bottom of the men's totem pole but Kim might be able to convince them not to jump ships and to stay 6 women strong.

Scenario Two

This is the more complicated and less likely of the two. The men may try to convince the Kat to swing a vote but could evidently fail which would lead them to pull in Christina who has been in the bottom of the girl's totem pole since Leif and Tarzan were with her in Manono and know/think they know (since this all came from Alecia when they were all still tribemates) that she isn't well liked. They may convince her to join them and tell them who the girls are voting for so that Tarzan can play his idol and send Kim/Chelsea home making Christina the next Cochrain. The problem with that is that Jay told Chelsea/Kim that they were all gonna vote for her so if Kim senses something suspicious, she could play her idol and save semselves

These two scenarios could very well happen and if they do. The final 3 might consist of Jay, Troyzan and Tarzan but if it fails then it may consist of Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina

We won't really know till next week so keep your fingers crossed and hope that your favorite stays in the game!

Please comment on the box below for your opinions.