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    I'm a die hard survivor fan and I hate the fact that spoilers of the season were released even before the season aired but something even more annoying is the fact that there are other survivor fans out there who've read the spoilers and are posting them in the comments section of the current players!

    I was reading a page of one of the contestants (not gonna say who because you'd have an idea of who isn't gonna win) and since I'm a big fan of this person, I decided to look through the comment section and I end up accidentally reading a spoiler!

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  • Alejandro Reyes

    Contestant What Makes Them A Favorite? Assesment

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    John Cochrain Competed in Season 23. He portrayed a Survivor Nerd who knew the game from an outside perspective incredibly well. He was an underdog in the game as he was targeted by his tribe in every tribal council during the pre-merge section of the game. He managed to defend himself in the first 2, he got saved by his tribemate in order to initiate a blindside on the 3rd and was used in Ozzy's Trojan Horse strategy on the 4th one. He jumped ships at the first tribal council in the merge portion in the game because it was at 6 vs 6 and Cochrain didn't wanna settle to the Purple Rock Tie Breaker. He told his opponents who his tribemates were playing the idol for and …

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  • Alejandro Reyes

    Author's Note: Hey! the leak was right! Looks like Survivor 26 will really be Fans vs Favorites! I'm not 100% sure about the returnees but here we go!

    I was doing a google search for info about Season 26 and came across this interesting topic. Apparantly there has been a leak about who the returning contestants will be, remeber that not everything you see on the internet is accurate so these are only the RUMORED returnees.


    Season 26 will take place in the Philippines. For a long time now, Survivor has been keeping 2 seasons in the same country in order to reduce production costs. This is a confirmed fact, so expect to see the contestants crying because of the rain (yes, as a person living in the Philippines; I can truly say that it's ei…

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    This is ranked in order of who I think is the least best to the best. Not necessarily who will win because in a game like Survivor, you'll never know who will really win because of all the hidden immunity idols, stupid moves, evacuations, etc

    Based on the last episodes, there are 2 ways that this game could go; Jay's way or Kim's way so at the end of my opinion on each player, I placed what could happen if it went Kim's way or if it goes Jay's way

    This has nothing against him being vertically challenged. I knew that he would be a strong player from start because theres no way the directors would put in somebody like him if he was just gonna be the first person to go. The directors have been known to put pawns in the game like Diane Ogden fro…

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