i'm fairly new to Survivor as I've only really watched 3 seasons so far (first Blood vs. Water, Brian vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, and finally the current season (so seasons 27, 28, and 29)) ... i like this show because it's something that can pass the time easily or relax watching after a long day ... i've really enjoyed seasons 27 and 28, but not really the current season (even though i still watch it every week) i'm more for the puzzles they have to do then the drama that happens at camp, but sometimes i enjoy it ... the part i don't really like is the strategy , in the current season i would much rather have had missy and baylor gone than kelly and her dad, to me the person that is the worst at challenges and / or the worst around camp (and who is disloyal / wildcard) should get voted out instead of who you think will win in the end especially early in the game before the merge ... but i guess that's just an opinion from someone who isn't accustomed to survivor just yet

anyways the question i have is what is the most entertaining season you've seen so far? if one stood out in any way (other than seasons 27, 28, and 29)? there had to be at least one because the show is almost at it's 30th season ... or should i just start at season 1 and work my way through?