The producers.

Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but the amount of hate directed at Cochran and Dawn is absolutely ridiculous. Especially to Dawn, the fandom has DRIVEN HER OFF OF TWITTER.

That decision that Brenda had to make at the loved ones challenge was THE WORST DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD IN HISTORY. There is literally no way she would have made it out of this episode still in the game unless she won immunity.

Let's think about it.

The decision she made to let everyone except her and Dawn party with both their loved ones:

  • PRO: She looks like the hero, and everyone may want to spare her elimination because of her selfless actions.
  • PRO: She gets on the good side of four people, a majority.
  • CON: No food.
  • CON: She pisses off Dawn.
  • CON: Her selfless act may make her likeability a liability.

But if she had went the other way...

  • PRO: Food.
  • PRO: She gets on the good side of Dawn.
  • CON: She pisses off four people, a majority.

And literally, there is no way to get out of this one alive. By putting Dawn's fate in her hand, the producers basically signed Brenda's death warrant.

Nobody should be blamed for this but the Survivor producers. If I ever go on the show, I'm throwing that challenge. (Sorry Mom.)