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Which returnees do you think are getting too much/not enough screen time?

After watching the first episode a second time, my thoughts on the episode developed. Although the episode was as spectacular as every Survivor premiere, the screen time of the returning contestants (air time) did bother me... I know the episode can't go on for hours on end, but some contestants got waaaay too much.

Contestants that got too much screen time

  • Phillip
  • Francesca
  • Andrea (so-so)
  • Dawn (so-so)

Contestants that should have got more screen time

  • Malcolm!
  • Erik (a bit bias, as he's my personal favorite after all)
  • Brenda
  • Corinne

I really think it should have been leveled out more, Cochran and Brandon got a fair amount of screen time. They all should have been like that.

I know this blog post is a bit cynical, but it's my opinion and I feel I must share it.

Also on a completely different note: Reynold from the fans had waaaaay to much as well, it really reminds me of Jeff Kent last season.

What are your thoughts?

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