Details on Survivor past Season 26 are in 100% oblivion (seemingly...).

I just wanted to ask, where would you like to see Survivor go after Caramoan?

Here are my choices:

  1. Cuba, great beaches and wild weather, perfect location for Survivor! My favourite holiday destination in Central America! :D
  2. New Zealand, nature IS New Zealand! The producers would be crazy to not even consider New Zealand to be a possible future location.
  3. Tasmania/Van Diemen's Land, that little island below the main land of Australia. It might look tiny, but the forests there are MASSIVE! In my opinion Survivor would definitely have to go there one day!
  4. Papua New Guinea/"Kokoda", aside from the danger of Cassowaries, PNG is a great place in terms of nature! I went on the Kokoda trail and it has the most beautiful rain forests ever!
  5. Egypt, the main reason why I think Egypt would be great is that the idols and names of tribes will be based on Ancient Egypt. I can just see a tribe called "Horus" and a tribe called "Anubis", and the idol a mini coffin! Also, Survivor in the desert with Camels would be amazing!
  6. Alaska, Survivor hasn't been in the snow yet. This would mean no more bikinis, NOOOOOO!!!! But nonetheless I have always been curious of whether they'd ever decide to do a season in the snow. The challenges would be so cool and original!
  7. Switzerland, for the same reasons as Alaska.
  8. Hawaii, do I need even need to explain why?
  9. Croatia/"Dalmatia", I think it would be cool if they did a season in Croatia's hostile coast of Dalamatia. It would just be a generally good location for Survivor!
  10. Malawi, I have just always imagined a Survivor season on the coast Lake Malawi, it would be so awesome!

What do you guys think? Do you have any of your own?