Before I get started I'd like to warn everyone that this post may make me sound like a negative jackass, so I apologise in advance, so read at your own likelihood, but I feel I must get this off my chest to the wiki as it has been bothering me for quite some time.

I feel the constant use of Returning Players has totally f***ed up the franchise. It's no wonder why the ratings are going down. The first 7 seasons of the show involved no returning players, whereas the last 7 seasons of the show have had what? FIVE seasons with returnees!!??

Here's a table I made with the returnee use from Borneo-left to Blood vs Water-right. Do you see this?

Returning player stats

<<<Borneo - Blood vs. Water>>>

I think this is absolute madness. Survivor is no longer the same show as it once were, with almost majority of contestants coming from another season of the show, rather than an anonymous background.

Not only this, the choice of returnees are UTTER bogus, with various stunt cast among the likes of Phillip, Brandon, Russell Hantz, and many more!! It almost makes me wanna vomit.. Because this is.... how do I say it..? Gross!!

Alumni (returning players) used to be something you looked at thinking ooohhh exciting, a returning castaway season! Whereas now you look at it thinking oh dear, not more returnees!

Sure, it's okay to have an alumni season once in a while, BUT THIS is out of hand and has GOT to stop. Probst even said himself that he wants to have returning players "as often as possible", my question is WHY!!??

When there are thousands of applicants wanting a spot in the show, an entire fanbase wanting less of it and of course the fact that the franchise is going downhill, seemingly because of THE RETURNING PLAYERS.

So what does this mean? Probst is trying to get the show cancelled?
I laughed at people who made this accusation 12 months ago, but now... I'm starting to believe it myself.

Oh and lastly, I WILL be tuning into Blood vs Water. But NOT from my excitement for the show, simply just out of curiousity.

Here's a typical meme of what went through my head when Probst announced that Blood vs Water will have returnees...


Not only this! The show has a lot of other current-day problems, they include: reusing of locations (for goodness sake why is it such a big fuss having a season in the US or Canada when these reused locations are no longer "unseen land"!?) and the show is more about the drama these days rather than Survival...

The show isn't the same as it once were... :'( This might be a bit off the wall, but I think that the only way for the show to back to normal would be to get rid of Jeff Probst as host producer. That's my solution.

Now that you've listened to me blab on about my rant, you can share your thoughts! But please don't moan about the negativity, because for heaven's sake you would sound so pathetic, reacting negatively because of "negativity". -_-