Guys I am going to make a very big update to the main page. I believe designs must be consistent and this new update will remain for a very long time.

The design will contain a lot of water as seen practically everywhere: Survivor header image

And a lot of torches: Torch for notification

And it will contain a lot of the Survivant font.

Features I will be adding

  • Featured Contestant
  • Featured User
  • Featured Season
  • Featured Tribe
  • Featured Twist
  • Featured Video
  • A second poll
  • A Survivor Wikia update area (bottom right hand corner)

Features I will be keeping

  • Welcome to Survivor Wiki banner
  • Slider
  • The Wiki Jury
  • Affiliate Wiki links
  • Advertisements of Survivor Wiki on Facebook and Twitter
  • The Flag Count
  • A link to the wiki rules/community page.
  • Recent blog posts

Features I will be removing

  • Featured Article (I am replacing it with Featured Contestant, Season etc)
  • Around the Wiki area
  • The external links at the bottom right hand corner

Before I start I'd like to give you the chance to provide myself with suggestions and ideas. :) So please make a comment below.