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The featured content on the Main Page has been updated. It was chosen by Gerda as a part of her prize of winning the Survivor: Wikia ORG, Survivor: Hawaii. She chose everything except for the Featured User.

Newtorch Featured Contestant Newtorch

Chris Alinta

Newtorch Featured Tribe Newtorch
{{Tooltips|S14ep1TribalCouncil|Ravu is a tribe from Survivor: Fiji.
Newtorch Featured Season Newtorch
Newtorch Featured Video Newtorch
Newtorch Featured Episode Newtorch
Flying your flag
Newtorch Featured Challenge Newtorch
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Newtorch Featured Twist Newtorch
Survivor.s27e01.hdtv.x264-2hd 0145
Newtorch Featured User Newtorch
Newtorch Featured Video Newtorch

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