Guys I have asked myself this so many times and have came up with the best theory!

How will Survivor finish? I think, after 39 seasons, like 39 days! With an all-winners season (apparently Jeff said it will end with an all-winners season previously).

It would include...

  1. Richard Hatch
  2. Ethan Zohn
  3. Tom Westman
  4. Yul Kwon
  5. Todd Herzog
  6. Bob Crowley
  7. Fabio Birza
  8. Rob Mariano (yes, for a 5th time)
  9. (A male winner of season 26-38)
  10. (A male winner of season 26-38)
  11. Vecepia Towery
  12. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  13. Danni Boatwright
  14. Parvati Shallow
  15. Natalie White
  16. Sophie Clarke
  17. Kim Spradlin
  18. Denise Stapley
  19. (A female winner of season 26-38)
  20. (A female winner of season 26-38)

I omitted a few of them, here are my reasons:

  • Tina Wesson: She placed last in All-Stars.
  • Amber Mariano: Busy raising children. :P
  • Jenna Morasca: Quitter (though I know it's not her fault, but rules are rules)
  • Chris Daugherty: Not so memorable.
  • Aras Baskauskas: Not a big fan of Survivor: Exile Island.
  • Earl Cole: I think it would be best if it were left at him playing one time.
  • J.T. Thomas: An idiot (sorry Liam)

What do you guys think? I know I'd like Survivor to go on forever, but Jeff is gonna get old after a while and it may drag on my then. :P