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  • I live in Iowa
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

My name is Cael and I'm 11 yrs. old. I've only been watching survivor since Philippines but I have a few seasons on DVD and I've seen some online.

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My favorite Survivor castaway(s)

Borneo- Rudy Boesch

Australia- Maralyn Hershey

Africa- Ethan Zohn

Marquesas- Boston Rob

Thailand- Shii Ann Huang

Amazon- Jenna Morasca

Pearl Islands- Rupert Boneham

All Stars- Amber Mariano

Vanuatu- Eliza Orlins

Palau- Stephenie LaGrossa

Guatemala- Danni Boatwright

Panama- Cirie Fields

Cook Islands- Ozzy Lusth

Fiji- Earl Cole

China- Amanda Kimmel

Micronesia- Erik Reichenbach

Gabon- Susie Smith

Tocantins- J.T. Thomas

Samoa- Russell Hantz

Heroes vs. Villains- Parvati Shallow

Nicaragua- Brenda Lowe

Redemption Island- Andrea Boehlke

South Pacific- Dawn Meehan

One World- Kim Spradlin

Philippines- Denise Stapley

Caramoan- Malcolm Freberg

My favorite Season(s)

26. Survivor: Thailand

25. Survivor: Borneo

24. Survivor: Cook Islands

23. Survivor: Africa

22. Survivor: Marquesas

21. Survivor: Vanuatu

20. Survivor: Fiji

19. Survivor: The Amazon

18. Survivor: South Pacific

17. Survivor: The Australian Outback

16. Survivor: Guatemala

15. Survivor: Tocantins

14. Survivor: Pearl Islands

13. Survivor: China

12. Survivor: One World

11. Survivor: Panama

10. Survivor: Redemption Island

9. Survivor: Gabon

8. Survivor: Samoa

7. Survivor: Micronesia

6. Survivor: Nicaragua

5. Survivor: Palau

4. Survivor: All-Stars

3. Survivor: Caramoan

2. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

1. Survivor: Philippines

Connections to Former castaways

Rupert Boneham followed me on twitter.

Denise Stapley responded to a message I sent her via twitter.

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