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Hi, I am Ian, 24, and I have been bureaucrat of the Survivor Wiki since March 31, 2011, and I have witnessed how the Survivor Wiki grew from a dilapidated ghost town to a bustling community that it is now. I also gone new friends from this experience. I am busy with school, though I still edit here, albeit in a lesser capacity.

I started watching the show when I was 8. I was a casual then. Being an 8 year old, my attention was split into a myriad of things: School, anime, toys, cartoons, Power Rangers. Survivor somehow got me because I like competition-based shows. My love for the show gradually grew since then, and the first season I watched in full was Pearl Islands, watched every episode since, except Fiji, because the free TV network that used to air Survivor stopped airing it.

When not on Survivor Wiki, I write fan fiction at the Survivor Fanon Wiki where I also make personalized logos for my seasons.

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