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Hi, I am Ian, 23, and I have been bureaucrat of the Survivor Wiki since March 31, 2011, and I have witnessed how the Survivor Wiki grew from a dilapidated ghost town to a bustling community that it is now. I also gone new friends from this experience. I am currently on leave as I am busy with school, though I still edit, albeit in a lesser capacity.

I started watching the show when I was 8. I was a casual then. Being an 8 year old, my attention was split into a myriad of things: School, anime, toys, cartoons, Power Rangers. Survivor somehow got me because I like competition-based shows. My love for the show gradually grew since then, and the first season I watched in full was Pearl Islands, watched every episode since, except Fiji, because the free TV network that used to air Survivor stopped airing it. Got to watch it in full sometime later though.

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