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aka Ian Kevin

  • I live in Quezon City
  • My occupation is University student
Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 12, 1991 (1991-07-12) (age 22)
Hometown Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines
Occupation University student
Tribe(s) Chat Moderator, Rollback,
Admin, Bureaucrat (2011-present)
Alliance(s) Admins

Name (Age): Ian Kevin Sevilla y Magsalin
Tribe Designation: Administrator, bureaucrat, rollback
Current Residence: Quezon City, National Capital Region, Republic of the Philippines
Occupation: University student, studying in the country's National University, the University of the Philippines, currently taking Home Economics Education, future teacher and chef
Personal Claim to Fame: Gaining administrator rights in the Survivor Wiki, and single-handedly raising it from the dead.
Inspiration in Life: My college professors. I will never appreciate the teaching profession if it weren't for them.
Hobbies: Wiki administrating, Facebooking, cooking, sleeping, ass-kicking, pretty much any sloth would do.
3 Words to Describe You: Misjudged, complex and guarded.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?: Laptop and internet (I counted them as one because what's the point of bringing a laptop but no internet?) because I can't live a day without opening my Facebook, nor visit the wiki, a bidet, because though I am potty trained, I hate the idea of touching my butt immediately after defecating, and a scrabble set, to pass time.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: No one. I'd be the goofy guy, I may be the underdog, or the social outcast. I really don't know.
Reason for Being on Survivor Wiki: I love the show so much, and since me being on it is almost an impossibility, at least I am able to express my fanboy-ness.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I am malleable to change. I may not be a sociable in my everyday life (if anything, i'd be in my room all day), but I can be such if a situation requires me.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I have an innate ability to make people like me without even trying. It sometimes go the other way around, though.

Hello tribemates! I am Ian (I will kill you if you call me "Kevin" - I kid lol)! I've been an administrator since 2011, and I single-handedly resurrected the wiki from oblivion. Since assuming administrator rights, I swore to protect this wiki from further damage and gave this site new life. Since then, membership grew, new admins were placed, and the wiki's got the attention of former Survivor contestants, such as Christina Cha, John Cochran, Colton Cumbie, Michael Skupin, Abi Maria Gomes, Sarah Dawson and Rob Cesternino. Jeff Probst himself even tweeted us back to answer a burning question of mine. Speaking of social media, I am also a proud member of Previously...on Survivor! Facebook group, and I am having so much fun being there.

I started watching the series when I was 8 years old, and it initially grabbed me because of the challenges. But as years went on, I started to gain grasp of what the show is about. It's not about the challenges, or who made the most head-on moves. Winning the game is about interacting with others and being resilient to change, even if this change does not go your way. It taught me one important lesson: How it is to be human. I love seeing how people interact with each other, and I love appreciate having klutzes like Phillip and Brandon Hantz in the mix of legally sane people.

I faithfully watched the show ever since, and I'm proud to say that I never missed an episode. While I am not able to access CBS' US-exclusive content, I can safely say I still know a lot about the show, especially earlier seasons. When asked of my favorite season, I always say the next one, though I find Survivor: Redemption Island a big blah.

If asked what do I think of Russell Hantz, I would say that, Winning the game is not just about bulldozing every challenge, or make the most aggressive game play, it's about the social aspect: How you come across to people. More than anything, Survivor is a social game. The jury have every reason to be bitter because they are passionate about the game and winning it as much as him, and it's his job to tame them and not rub salt on their wounds. Russell wasn't resilient enough to realize that once the jury starts to form, his ruthless tactics will come back to haunt him because he was filling the jury bench with angry jurors, all of whom harboring resentment towards him. Look at Sandra. She knew she can't win a single challenge to save her life because she is not a physically gifted person. But what made her won twice was that, she knew the game in a larger perspective, that challenges are nothing more important than social game. His arrogance and narcissism cost him the game. But since he still ignores this fact to this day, that's why he won't win and will never win. The premise of the game is social interaction, and not making bold moves all the time.

When not in the wiki, I enjoy surfing the internet and cooking.

Stuff I've done for this wiki

  • Added the background image of the wiki
  • Put up episode pages since I assumed adminship (it was my top priority then)
  • Introduced the Wiki's Manual of Style (MoS)
  • Cleaned up categories
  • Add new bureaucrats, administrators, rollbacks and chat moderators
  • Put up some summaries on pages
  • Put up the majority of the existing wiki policies
  • Initiated the Fan Fiction project (due to the influx of "fanons" in April-May of 2012 - the community decided to move them to a new home - the SurvivorFanon Wiki)
  • Administrate the Wiki's Facebook and Twitter accounts to catch up with the Survivor online fanbase, which included former and current Survivor contestants and fans (Twitter handle @SurvivorWiki, Facebook page
  • Trivia fact checker
  • Officiating Survivor: Wikia - the wiki's Online Reality Game (ORG)

My favorite Survivor castaway(s)

My favorite Season(s)

I have to answer "every single one." I like each season for different reasons. the only exemption was Survivor: Redemption Island, which was a total blah. Iansane 15:18, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

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