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Hello, I am Henry or Henzzy, or whatever you want to call me. :p I'm from Australia and I am a massive fan of survivor. :D 

Favorite and least favorite castaway by season

Season Favorite Contestants Least Favorite Contestants Watched
Borneo S1 greg t S1 richard t S1 colleen t S1 gervase t S1 stacey bw S1 kelly bw S1 bb bw 2013
Australia S2 tina t S2 colby t S2 rodger t S2 elisabeth t S2 alicia bw S2 jeff bw S2 mitchell bw 2012
Africa S3 silas t S3 ethan t S3 kimp t S3 kelly t S3 tom bw S3 diane bw S3 carl bw 2013
Pearl Islands S7 sandra t S7 rupert t S7 darrah t S7 jon t S7 osten bw S7 burton bw S7 shawn bw 2012
Vanuatu S9 johnk t S9 ami t S9 eliza t S9 brady t S9 scout bw S9 twila bw S9 lea bw 2013
Palau S10 tom t S10 ian t S10 stephenie t S10 jenn t S10 katie bw S10 coby bw S10 ashlee bw 2004
Panama S12 terry t S12 sally t S12 ruthmarie t S12 aras t S12 danielle bw S12 cirie bw S12 tina bw 2012
Cook Islands S13 yul t S13 jonathan t S13 candice t S13 becky t S13 ozzy bw S13 jp bw S13 billy bw 2012
China S15 courtney t S15 todd t S15 frosti t S15 james t S15 jeanrobert bw S15 denise bw S15 ashley bw 2012
Micronesia S16 natalie t S16 ami t S16 tracy t S16 parvati t S16 ozzy bw S16 erik bw S16 cirie bw 2012
Gabon S17 crystal t S17 sugar t S17 bob t S17 matty t S17 corinne bw S17 randy bw S17 kelly bw 2012
Tocantins S18 tyson t S18 jt t S18 taj t S18 sandy t S18 candace bw S18 carolina bw S18 coach bw 2012
Samoa S19 brett t S19 russells t S19 laura t S19 marisa t S19 russellh bw S19 shambo bw S19 mick bw 2009
Heroes vs. Villains S20 courtney t S20 sandra t S20 jt t S20 rob t S20 danielle bw S20 russell bw S20 cirie bw 2010
Nicaragua S21 benry t S21 fabio t S21 brenda t S21 marty t S21 naonka bw S21 chase bw S21 sash bw 2010
Redemption Island S22 rob t S22 andrea t S22 matthew t S22 phillip t S22 ashley bw S22 russell bw S22 julie bw 2011
South Pacific S23 sophie t S23 cochran t S23 dawn t S23 whitney t S23 ozzy bw S23 christine bw S23 brandon bw 2011
One World S24 kat t S24 kim t S24 troyzan t S24 matt t S24 colton bw S24 alicia bw S24 nina bw 2012
Philippines S25 michael t S25 dawson t S25 denise t S25 malcolm t S25 pete bw S25 abimaria bw S25 artis bw 2012
Caramoan S26 andrea t S26 cochran t S26 sherri t S26 brenda t S26 erik bw S26 corinne bw S26 brandon bw 2013
Blood vs. Water S27 ciera t S27 tina t S27 tyson t S27 kat t S27 brad bw S27 monica bw S27 colton bw 2013
Cagayan S28 woo c S28 tasha c S28 jtia c S28 spencer c S28 kass pb S28 tony pb S28 trish pb 2014

Favorite 14 Players

The 12 players I worship most

  1. Courtney Yates
  2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  3. Rob Mariano
  4. Todd Herzog
  5. Tom Westman
  6. Woo Hwang
  7. Ciera Eastin
  8. J.T. Thomas
  9. Andrea Boehlke
  10. Sophie Clarke
  11. Greg Buis
  12. Tina Wesson
  13. Benry Henry
  14. Kat Edorsson

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