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Tribes Divided by Ethnicity
Survivor Cook Islands cast
The cast of Survivor: Cook Islands.
Survivor Gameplay
Description: Division of tribes by ethnicity.
Appearances: Cook Islands

Tribes Divided by Ethnicity is a game-shifting paradigm employed at the start of a competition that divides contestants into ethnic-specific tribes for a pre-determined amount of time. This twist has only been used in the first two episodes of Survivor: Cook Islands.

Twist History

Cook Islands

Tribes were divided up into 4 ethnic groups: Hispanic-Americans (Aitutaki: Billy, Cecilia, Cristina, JP, and Ozzy), Caucasians (Rarotonga: Adam, Candice, Jessica, Jonathan, and Parvati), Asian-Americans (Puka Puka: Becky, Brad, Cao Boi, Jenny, and Yul), and African-Americans (Manihiki: Nate, Rebecca, Sekou, Stephannie, and Sundra). The tribes would stay this way until Day 7 when both tribes were absorbed into Aitutaki and Rarotonga.


Controversial in its execution, division by ethnicity was deemed as racial segregation by many groups and sponsors. This lead to companies withdrawing their products, though some of these sponsors claim that the game format change had nothing to do with their withdrawal.



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