Tony Deane
Survivor nz1 tony
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Gisborne
Occupation: Ex-army
Survivor Career
Version: New Zealand
Survivor NZ: Nicaragua
Tribe(s): Mogotón
Finish: 14/16
Challenge Wins: 1
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 10

Anthony "Tony" Deane is a contestant from Survivor NZ: Nicaragua.


How would you describe yourself? Friendly, easygoing with a fairly positive outlook on life. Pragmatic, logical thinker, straight-up, and I speak my mind.

Why are you doing Survivor? To experience the Survivor challenge and pit myself against the unknown. I'm a big Survivor fan from the first series (Rudy Boesch, the retired Navy Seal was always my favorite character).

What are your pet peeves? Lazy people who contribute little to the team effort, or who beat about the bush and don't come out and say what's on their mind.

What's your strategy? Survivor is a social strategic game that no individual can win on their own. It's all about numbers, so forming alliances is critical.

Why do you think you should win? I have worked hard all my life and never asked for, or relied on any handouts, so maybe lady karma can smile on me this time round… here's hoping!

Survivor NZ

Voting History

Tony's Voting History
Episode Tony's
Voted Against
1 Hannah -
2 Tom Avi, Izzy,
Shay, Tom
Voted Off, Day 4
3 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 10


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  • Tony is the oldest castaway in Survivor NZ: Nicaragua.
  • Tony is the first contestant to be eliminated from Suvivor NZ: Nicaragua who was not eliminated in an unanimous vote.
  • Tony was the first man to be eliminated from Survivor NZ: Nicaragua.
    • He is also the only male to be voted off pre-merge.