"To Quit or Not to Quit"
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Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Pearl Islands
Episode Number: 2/15 (092)
Original Release: September 25, 2003
Viewership (in millions): 19.86[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 7.5/21 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Beg, Barter, Steal"
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To Quit or Not to Quit is the second episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.


Night 3

The Morgan tribe arrived back to camp after voting Nicole out at the previous Tribal Council. It can be implied the tribe was very cold from the gusty wind as they were all around the fire and Tijuana could be seen clutching and rubbing her body for potential warmth. Tijuana commented that she was freezing from the wind with Osten saying that they just needed to get a strong enough fire for more warmth. Ryan O. had difficulties sleeping as there were loose springboards underneath his body. Ryan S. can be seen awake trying hard to get sleep. Osten checked on Ryan S. to make sure he was okay.

When it comes time for night, it's breaking us down. It's breaking me down I know. It's very hard to not be able to sleep. It's very hard to freeze every night. And there's nothing you can do about it; the wind is coming, you don't have any control, it's beating all of us up.


I mean I'm not expecting get any holiday, I mean clearly not, cause you're shivering every night, that gets me. I know, to me, it feels like it's only a matter of time before - you know, something like pneumonia can settle in cause I don't have any clothes.


One of my biggest concerns had been sleep deprivation. We had one or two hours total in the three nights. And if we don't solve that problem people are going to start hallucinating.


Last night I don't even remember sleeping. I think I'm gonna be able to go once I get a few pounds of water, I mean a little bit of food I should be fine, but I gotta find a plan for me cause this isn't working for me. I'm gonna try to come up with a backup plan.

Ryan S.

Skinny Ryan, his best day, doesn't equate to what I can do on my worse day. That's not knocking him he just physically has nothing to offer. He doesn't have what it takes to get it done.


Day 4

As morning arises on the Drake tribe, Rupert can be seen walking on the wet sand of the beach with Trish where he told her that they night they had spent sleeping was a thousand times better than the night before. Trish asked him if he just meant as far as sleeping goes. He answered as far as his entire state of mind went. Rupert can then be seen holding onto a tree branch and swinging up and down in an attempt to break it off, in which he succeeds thanks to his strength. Trish complimented Rupert for his achievement while she got some pieces of wood as well and he complimented her right back. Shawn is then shown breaking off a very small twig from a branch with a machete and is just shown afterwards drinking milk from a coconut, which gets over his skin due to him drinking it in a "waterfall" fashion. Burton jokingly called Shawn a jackass asking if he had not realized how much was in a coconut by then. Shawn responded that there was still a lot in the coconut and added that it possibly could be coconut oil or suntan lotion.

I am loving life and loving this place and loving the position I'm in. I'm in paradise - what more do I want? I'm living in a bounty of food, I've got beautiful souls around me, and I've got some help being strong. People are not being truly lazy per say. People are having a hard time in paradise.


We see a shot of the beautiful sunlight glistening on the fresh palm trees before we see Rupert in the water scavenging for a fish to kill and bring back to his tribe. We could see many sea creatures around him as he swum. We see him catch a small fish and then see him catch another fish with the sharp blade of the spear through the side of it. The fish was soon being boiled over a fire as various members of the Drake tribe sat around waiting. Rupert informed Burton that when he came back the metal part of the spear was loose and that the day before the thing completely fell off. Rupert told him to make sure it's always tight, including whiles he's fishing as they couldn't offered to lose it as he had no tools to tighten it. Burton says that he tries to check in between the points. Michelle can be seen rubbing Rupert's back with some sort of substance while he talked. After the fish is cooked, Jon can be seen trying some of it. Burton asked Jon if he enjoyed the fish. Jon's facial expression showed he did indeed enjoy the fish and he said that it was great. Rupert made a comment that he didn't know if he could eat anymore implying he was full which he confirmed soon after. Christa said the fish was yummy.

I love being in the middle of a gigantic fish tank. I love being able to go out and in a couple hours bring a sack of fish home. It's more of a pain in the ass for me to give him my spear and worry about it being lost or being you know broken or whatever it might be, I will be in trouble cause that's my food. I need to eat meat.


Meanwhile, at the Morgan camp, Ryan S. went out to get the Tree Mail for the upcoming Reward Challenge. In the boat was a small chest at the bottom. The inside was decorated with pearl on the bottom and contained a scroll. He brought it back and read it to the rest of his tribe. The tribe was ecstatic to get to the challenge.

Oh we just got some Tree Mail. It's a big one for us. And a super big one for me. There may not be more pressure for any survivor in the history of Survivor to do well at a challenge then me. There's all this talk about how I didn't give 100% in the last challenge and what really sucks is I gave more then 100% so now I've got to come up with some kinda extra strength that I may not even have harnessed away in this poor little body.

Ryan S.

Stormy weather, - ran ships aground,
Most fortunes were lost, - a few they were found.
Salvage the quickest, - silver and gold,
You'll then be rewarded like pirates of old.

– Tree Mail (read by Ryan S.)

The Morgan and Drake tribe arrived at Snapping Duck Bay where the challenge occurred. Jeff called the two tribes in. The Drake tribe got their first look at the new Morgan tribe seeing that Nicole was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. He then explained the mechanics of the challenge: scattered along the ocean floor, marked by floating buoys were five treasure items. One at a time a member from each tribe were to swim out, dive down and retrieve an item. There was also a treasure chest on the ocean floor. Once a tribe had all five items in the chest and the fifth person was back at the start the entire tribe would race out to grab the treasure chest and return it to their platform and that the first tribe to do so would get reward. He gave each tribe a shovel and a key telling them it was theirs' to keep. He then explained that buried on each of their islands' somewhere lied a treasure chest with enough bounty to last them for a very long time. The reward for the challenge would be the first clue - piece of the map - that would lead them to their treasure; it was only the first of three clues. The winning tribe would also be given the luxury of looting an item from the opposing tribe's camp, which would apply for all future Reward Challenges. With huge odds on stake, Jeff got the challenge started, after the Drake tribe sat out Sandra to even out the playing field.

Jeff instructed the tribes to take their spot. Ryan S. and Burton would be the first to participate in the challenge for Morgan and Drake respectively. Jeff asked the two if they were ready and then allowed them to begin the challenge, in which they began a full out sprint to the water. Their tribes were screaming words and sounds of encouragement in the distance. The screen zooms into Ryan S. where we see him take a dive head first into the water. It then zooms out to show Burton running into the water.

Day 5

Day 6

After losing the Immunity Challenge Osten asks Ryan S. to vote him out, saying his body has given up on him, despite this the Morgan tribe decides to keep Osten around due to his strength. Ryan S. is sent home due to being the weakest member of his tribe.


Challenge: Bountiful Chest
Tribes had a treasure chest in the ocean that was missing five treasure items. Each tribe member one at a time had to dive down and retrieve an item then put it in their treasure chest. Once all five items are inside the chest, the tribe swims out to it and carries it ashore. First tribe to bring their chest back to shore would win.
Reward: The winning tribe will the first of three pieces of a map to a hidden treasure chest. The winning tribe will also send one of their own to loot one item from the opposing tribe's camp.
Winner: Drake (looted a tarp)

Challenge: All Tied Up
Three tribe members from each tribe were tied to a raft by a rope that was being pulled by their tribe in order to pull the raft away from shore and closer to the clue. The tribemembers sitting on the raft had to untie themselves before freeing their teammates. After they were free they swam out to receive their clue which was a set of coordinates. They took their clue and their rope to shore and went into a circle where they used the rope and the clue to create a dig spot. After finding the dig spot teams had to dig until they found their flag which had to be raised in order to win.
Winner: Drake

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S7 ryans t
Ryan S. (5 votes)
S7 andrew tS7 darrah t
S7 osten tS7 ryano tS7 tijuana t
Andrew, Darrah, Osten, Ryan O., Tijuana
S7 osten t
Osten (2 votes)
S7 lillian tS7 ryans t
Lillian, Ryan S.
S7 ryans bw
Ryan Shoulders

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Osten) Osten, I think you're great, but you gave up on us. You're the one who's saying, "My big burly body has shut down." I don't believe it was because of your body. So I'm voting for you tonight.


(voting for Ryan S.) Ryan, you're a great kid. You got a bunch of heart. You just don't have the strength for this game, and I'll see you when I'm out of here.

Ryan O.

(voting for Osten) You would have never gotten this vote if you hadn't asked me to.

Ryan S.

Final Words

I think I lost this game in the, uh, first five minutes I was out here, 'cause I didn't make friends with the right people. It was really hard turning things around. I wish I would have just gone and just tried to be friends with everybody. I'm upset that the ride's already over. This is a game I know inside and out. I would have to say that I'm kind of disappointed in myself and I'm not sure I gave it 100%. Sorry if I let anybody down.

Ryan Shoulders

Still in the Running

S7 nicole bw
 Ryan S.
S7 ryans bw
S7 andrew t
S7 burton t
S7 christa t
S7 darrah t
S7 jon t
S7 lillian t
S7 michelle t
S7 osten t
S7 rupert t
 Ryan O.
S7 ryano t
S7 sandra t
S7 shawn t
S7 tijuana t
S7 trish t


  • This episode title is in reference to Osten Taylor's panic attack. He would end up quitting the game five episodes later.
  • According to Ryan Opray, a mutiny was offered on Day 6, but since nobody accepted, it was left unaired.[2]