2002 survivor tipara
Tribe Profile
Season: Australian Survivor (2002)
Namesake: Named after a beach front
property in South Australia
Tribe Type: Starting tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Kadina
Tribe Status: Merged with Kadina on Day 19
Challenge Wins: 7
Lowest Placing Member: Jeff Brown (13/16)
Highest Placing Member: Rob Dickson (Winner)

Flag unavailable.

Tribe Emblem

Tipara has no emblem.



Tipara is one of the two starting tribes from Australian Survivor (2002). It was the stronger of the two tribes, losing only one member before the merge. Its tribe color is blue


  • Jane Dalton, a student from Newcastle, New South Wales.
  • Jeff Brown, a Federal Police superintendent from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.
  • Joel Betts , a university graduate from Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Katie Gold , a professional athlete from Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Lance Brooks, a company director from Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Rob Dickson , an ex-professional footballer from Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Sciona Browne, a managing director from Perth, Western Australia.
  • Sophie Woods , a mother of two from Sydney, New South Wales.

Tribe History

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  • Tipara won most of the Immunity Challenges, winning five out of six of them.
  • Tipara is the first blue tribe in Australian Survivor history.