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Timbira Alliance
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Tocantins
Founder: Tyson Apostol
Members: Remained Loyal:
Coach Wade (Day 19-36)
Tyson Apostol (Day 19-27)
Debbie Beebe (Day 19-33)
J.T. Thomas (Day 22-27)
Stephen Fishbach (Day 22-27)
Day Formed: Day 19
Enemies: Brendan Synnott
Sierra Reed
Jalapao Three
Lowest Placing Member: Tyson Apostol (8/16)
Highest Placing Member: Coach Wade (5/16)

The Timbira Alliance (also known as the Warrior Alliance) was an alliance from Survivor: Tocantins. The name Warrior Alliance came from Coach Wade's philosophy that the strongest should battle it out at the end. J.T. Thomas was the known as The Warrior, Stephen Fishbach was The Wizard, and Coach was The Dragon Slayer


Pre-merge Status

The Dragon Slayer Slays the Dragon

Losing Tyson

Eliminating the Dragon's Bride





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