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Tribe Profile
Namesake: An indigenous group of people
from Brazil
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Jalapao
Tribe Status: Merged with Jalapao on Day 19
Challenge Wins: 5
Lowest Placing Member: Candace Smith (15/16)
Highest Placing Member: Erinn Lobdell (3/16)

S18 Timbira Flag


Timbira has no insignia.


S18 timbira

Timbira was a tribe from Survivor: Tocantins.

Their tribe color is black.


S18 brendan tS18 candace tS18 coach tS18 debbie t
S18 erinn tS18 jerry tS18 sierra tS18 tyson t

Tribe History

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  • Timbira is currently the first and only starting tribe to have black as their color. All other black tribes have been merged tribes.
  • The two males to be the highest ranking members of Timbira and two males to be the highest ranking members of rival tribe Jalapao would all return in a future season.


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