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Tribe Profile
Namesake: Samoan for "year of the God"
Tribe Type: Merged tribe
Day Formed: Night 17
Tribes Merged: Manono
Lowest Placing Member: Jonas Otsuji (12/18)
Highest Placing Member: Kim Spradlin (Winner)



Tikiano has no insignia.



Tikiano was the merged tribe of Manono and Salani from Survivor: One World.

Having 6 men and 6 women on the tribe, it is the first merged tribe from a Battle of the Sexes season to merge with an even number of men and women. The tribe color was black.


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S24 michael tS24 sabrina tS24 tarzan tS24 troyzan t

Tribe History

The Tikiano tribe was formed after Colton Cumbie's evacuation on Day 16 with six men and six women. The tribe's name was coined by Troyzan Robertson, "Tiki" meaning God and "Ano" meaning year. Soon after, questions began to arise as whether the switched tribe members would stick together, or return to the roots of their original tribes. The women of Salani (Sabrina, Kim, Chelsea, and Kat) decided to stick with the Salani men, (Jay, Troyzan, and Mike) to wipe out the ex-Manono members.

Episode 7-8

In The Beauty in a Merge (Episode 7), the tribe was divided into two teams for the Reward Challenge. Jay, Troyzan, Sabrina, Christina, Alicia, and Chelsea won the challenge and were given a clue to the whereabouts of the new Hidden Immunity Idol. Troyzan found the new Idol and began strategizing. At the Immunity Challenge, Troyzan won Individual Immunity. Afterwards, the ex-Salani members were going back and forth on whether to vote out Jonas or Tarzan. They originally decided on Tarzan for his rough demeanor, but Tarzan redirected the votes to Jonas with an angry tirade at Tribal Council after Jonas announced that he was going to vote for Mike. Jonas was the first member of the Tikiano tribe to be eliminated after a 10-2 vote and became the first Jury member of Survivor: One World.

In Just Annihilate Them (Episode 8), the tribes were again divided into two teams for the Reward Challenge, Christina, Mike, Kim, Leif, and Sabrina won the reward and Kim and Sabrina formulated a plan to eliminate Mike because of the threat he posed to their alliance. Tarzan began to butt heads with the other tribe members the next day, especially Chelsea. Kim told Troyzan that Mike said he was going to vote for Troyzan at the next Tribal Council. Troyzan became outraged and swore to vote off Mike as soon as possible. Jay won the Immunity Challenge, and was safe from elimination. At Tribal Council, Mike was sent home in a 7-2-2 vote, with two votes against Tarzan and Christina, becoming the 2nd member of the jury.

Episode 9-11

In Go Out with a Bang (Episode 9), the team of Alicia, Jay, Kat, Tarzan, and Troyzan won reward. At the Immunity Challenge, Chelsea wins immunity. At Tribal Council Jay is voted out in a 5-2-1-0 vote, becoming the 3rd Jury member. Troyzan plays an Idol, negating two votes against him.

In I'm No Dummy (Episode 10), the Survivor Auction took place. The Immunity Challenge was won by Troyzan, after he brought an advantage at the Auction. Leif is voted off in a 4-3-2 vote, becoming the 4th Jury member.

In Never Say Die (Episode 11), Kim wins reward. Alicia and Chelsea are invited to partake in the reward. Kim also wins the Immunity Challenge. At the following Tribal Council, Troyzan's effort to rally Alicia, Tarzan, and Christina to take out Kim failed, and he becomes the 5th Jury member in a 4-3-1 vote.

Episode 12-13

In It's Gonna Be Chaos (Episode 12), after eliminating most of the men, the family reunions episode appears, and Kat wins the reward. She invites Alicia and Kim to join them in a controversial decision, as the tribe wanted her to invite Tarzan and Christina's family members. Kim wins immunity. Kat is blindsided by a unanimous 6-1 vote, becoming the 6th Jury member.

In It's Human Nature (Episode 13), Chelsea wins reward, and she invited Kim and Sabrina to join her. Alicia wins immunity. After helping the women taking out his fellow men, Tarzan is voted off 5-1, becoming the 7th Jury member.

Season Finale

In Perception Is Not Always Reality (Episode 14), Kim wins the final five Immunity Challenge. Alicia is voted off in a 3-2 vote, becoming the 8th Jury member. Kim again wins immunity, securing her a spot in the final three. Christina is voted off 3-1, becoming the 9th and final Jury member. At the Final Tribal Council, the jury asks questions to Kim, Sabrina, and Chelsea.

At the Survivor: One World Reunion Show, Kim is announced the winner in a 7-2-0 Jury vote, with Sabrina and Chelsea placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Kim only lost the votes of Leif and Troyzan.



  • Tikiano is the first merged tribe from a season with contestants split by gender to merge with both genders represented equally, at a 6-6 ratio.
  • Tikiano is the fifth merged tribe to merge with twelve members, following Aiga, Libertad, Murlonio, and Te Tuna.
    • However, as opposed to the previous four, it was included in an 18-contestant season not containing Redemption Island, leaving only six Tribal Council's before the merge. (Only four of these Tribal Councils involved votes, due to the evacuations of Kourtney Moon and Colton Cumbie.)
  • Tikiano is the first tribe to be merged in the sixth episode, making the episode the earliest merger by episode count. However, it is beaten by Gitanos if one counts by the number of days elapsed.
  • Tikiano is the second merged tribe from a season with contestants split by gender to have black as its color, following Gitanos of Survivor: Panama.
  • Tikiano is the second black merged tribe of a season in which the location is Samoa, following Yin Yang of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Tikiano is the second consecutive merged tribe beginning with a T, following Te Tuna.
  • Kat Edorsson is the only member of Tikiano to appear in a future season, as all other One World returnees were eliminated before the merge.
  • Tikiano is the third merged tribe to vote out its first member by a margin of 10-2, following Aiga and Libertad of Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Nicaragua respectively.


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