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Becky tie (2)
Becky wins the firemaking tiebreaker challenge in Cook Islands.
Survivor Gameplay
Description A challenge, revote, or fate that determines a person's fate after a tie at Tribal Council.
Appearance(s) Just Revotes:
Redemption Island
South Pacific
Blood vs. Water
San Juan del Sur
Worlds Apart

Past Votes:
The Australian Outback

Nature Trivia Challenge:
Drawing Rocks:
Blood vs. Water

Firemaking Challenge:
Cook Islands
Worlds Apart

A Tiebreaker is a situation where two (or more) individuals share the same amount of votes at Tribal Council with no other person receiving a higher amount. In this event, several instances may occur.


A tiebreaker is a situation that occurs when more than one castaway receive the highest number of votes. There are different ways to break a tie, usually starting with a revote. Other than that, the game had shown many ways to break a deadlocked tie.


In a case of a tie, the players in question would not vote, while the remaining players vote again and are immune from the re-vote. If the second vote still ends up tied, it would be deadlocked. If the deadlock occurs at any time before the final four Tribal Council, the rest of the tribe except those was in the tie, won individual immunity or used a Hidden Immunity Idol will draw rocks, and the player who gets the uniquely colored rock will be eliminated. At the final four Tribal Council, the two players will have to perform a fire making challenge, where the loser goes home.

Jury Vote Tiebreaker

In an interview with Mark Burnett in Survivor Oz, it was revealed that a revote would commence if the Jury votes for the winner are tied. This has never occurred as of the current US season.[1]

Former Rules

From Survivor: Borneo to Survivor: Africa, if a starting tribe's first Tribal Council ends up in a deadlock, the players concerned will partake in a nature quiz tiebreaker. Otherwise, previous votes will be added to the tally. Whoever has more previous votes taken into account will be eliminated.


  • If more than one contestant uses a Hidden Immunity Idol and turns out they are the only ones who received votes, the vote will be considered void altogether; and the rest of the tribe would then have to vote someone else.[2]
  • Lindsey Richter is the only castaway to be in a deadlock twice in a single season, in Survivor: Africa. The first time occurred on Day 9, winning in the trivia tiebreaker, while the second time, she was eliminated by having more past votes.
  • The first three way tie occurred in “Keep Hope Alive”, where Russell Hantz was voted out.

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