• Explain why we should use the SurvivorWiki social media profiles, because I am completely unable to understand your point of view.

    Would it be optimal if we could use a set of social media profiles meant for the Wiki? Yes, I'd agree that would be the best case scenario. However, we should only be doing this if the profiles are well-run (something that I haven't seen the profiles doing since at least 2015) in that it represents the Wiki as an entity rather than as an individual expressing personal opinion.

    They are run, I believe, by an individual with his own opinions, and should not represent the Wiki as a whole. If that individual wants to run it, by all means he can run it, but it should not be advertised on our Wiki so publicly.

    So please help me to understand your point of view. (Keep things professional -- intimidation really isn't a good look on anyone.)

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