• Thank goodness it was a two hour night because that first hour was a bit unsatisfying with Hali and Michaela thrust into the bottom. Reminded me of the Cambodia merge episode, which was much better to be fair, but it came down to Kass and Ciera as ultimately the majority alliance just wanted to split the votes between them. If you're an Ozzy fan, I understand if you're upset but please do not beg for Ozzy to return a fifth time. He's done his duty for four seasons, he's played more days than anyone else, but it will be a similar result every time: blindsided at or around the merge unless he wins a ridiculous amount of immunity challenges. Props to Tai for winning that one over Ozzy though. Though if anyone were to do it, it would be Tai given he's bested Cydney in a similar endurance challenge. I'm disappointed in Zeke for flipping unnecessarily. That has to be the by far the worst move he's made in his Survivor career, which to be fair includes a few notable blindsides, but still I lost some respect for him as a player. I'm just glad Ozzy was a casualty of his nonsense instead of Cirie.

    Props to Debbie for doing a decent job with her extra vote advantage. Technically it was a waste, but it should've been a 6-6 tie if it weren't for Zeke undermining his alliance, so it was a safe bet to use that extra vote. Nevertheless, her advantage use didn't end her game like it did for Dan, Fishbach, and Tai (essentially making him a jury goat in Kaoh Rong). I think Sarah made a decent decision siding with that alliance at least for now, because it gets her in the good graces of players with power and idols and her Nuku alliance will likely be more mad at Zeke than her.

    Also, how overpowered is Brad's alliance? Troyzan and Tai combined for 3 idols plus Sierra's legacy advantage. I've enjoyed this season so far but unless Sarah makes a well timed blindside or Brad's alliance wastes an idol or two, this season could get fairly predictable.

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    • I was an Ozzy fan back in Cook Islands but when Penner mentioned him having entitlement issues, I got swayed. He didn't do much this season, so I knew he's going as early as he did this time.

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    • I really feel this was a bad move on Sarah's part but it's hard to say that when she wouldn't have been able to pull it off either way. I really do think the only way the minority is going to survive is if Zeke and Sarah join back up Cirie's alliance and vote out somebody like Brad or Sierra. Otherwise, this majority might run the table which sucks because they're all pretty boring.

      Rooting for Michaela, Sarah, and Cirie!

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    • I wouldn't say Debbie is boring but rather annoying at times, but Troyzan and Sierra definitely are. Brad and Tai have had their moments this season for me. Their decision to sit out of the merge feast seems to be doing well for them so far, no one has wanted to target them. I just hope Debbie and Tai can keep their clothes on next episode.

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    • It's episode 8 and 9. ;)

      Anyway, interesting merge where the 1st vote was, as I expected, a vote out of a Mana1 member, with a bit of struggle for power there. I was not sure about Sierra's logic there -- if you want to flush Hali's idol, while isn't she the primary target? I get that Michaela is a bigger challenge threat, but using a split vote plan to get her out by saying that the other has an idol, does make the others question her move.

      Seriously, I wonder if Hali did show off her pockets, if she will still get targeted. It would be a bit messed up if Hali did have an idol after Cirie said her voting confessional. I also still don't get the logic these legends do with the throwaway votes (like Sandra with Aubry and now Cirie with Sierra). I mean does 1 stray vote really rile Sierra up?

      Anyway, it was wild how Debbie just consolidated the numbers needed to boot Ozzy out. Just needed Mana + Sarah (her Nuku ally) + Troyzan (Brad's new ally) and with the Extra Vote...BOOM! 7 out of 13 votes that the others cannot do anything about (except an idol, but it's a blindside so...). She's scary that she could flip from being horrible socially to being a mastermind at times (see the Liz boot and this one).

      I have to say, did the Mana group just, you know, Ciried-Cirie with a blindside from a 3rd faction?

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    • So sad Hali was voted out, but I'm proud of her for leaving with class. Wouldn't mind seeing her compete a third time.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Ozzy hold the record for player voted out most times with five; once in Micronesia, three times in South Pacific, and once this season? Well, regardless, I think Ozzy's time on Survivor is over (unless we get a "Best to never win" season of course).

      So glad Queen Cirie is finally getting camera time. Love her.

      Cirie is my #1 pick FTW; others still in the game I am ok seeing win are Aubry, Sarah, Michaela, and Troyzan (with Troyzan being the only deserving male left remaining FTW).

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    • This episode must have been so embarrassing for Ozzy. Not only did he lose a challenge that he won TWICE, and not only did he lose it to TAI, but he ended up being blindsided that Tribal Council, adding salt to the wound. Near the end of the challenge, it just seems like Ozzy gave up, or he was just so exhausted that he couldn't even try to gain another foothold. It's kind of sucky to see Ozzy go out on such a low note, but at least he didn't stick around long enough to pull a Colby or something.

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    • Thoughts:

      1. Sorry to bring it up again, but it was really annoying. I am talking about how the editors showed us the story of Jeff Varner's elimination. During the "previously on Survivor" segment they made it look as if he just outed Zeke, was yelled at by everybody, and voted out without having shown any regret and feeling horrible about what he has done. Then, when Zeke told everyone what had happened, he also did not mention anything about Varner feeling bad (again, maybe he did, and the editors just edited this part out). On the flip side, the whole Varner-Zeke thing was merely a passing episode this time, and by the time we were through with the first tribal council, it was already forgotten.

      Having said that, let's go to the game-related stuff.

      2. Cirie and Andrea are back! The merge gave them some necessary air time, and they both made some nice moves, so that's great.

      3. Debbie - you can hate on her as much as you want, I love her! She is the most entertaining contestant this season, and also a good player. Hey, she is the first person to successfully use the extra vote, so this already brings her into the Survivor hall of fame. My player of the week!

      4. Hali - poor girl, I felt sorry for her, because she did not deserve to be voted out, and suspected of having a hidden immunity idol. I mean, Hali? Hidden immunity idol? That's funny. But, hey, better her than Michaela, right? Thanks, Cirie!

      5. Sierra surprises me this season. I guess you really have to call someone a game changer in order to get them to be a game changer. She was a nobody on "Worlds Apart", but she is definitely a major player here.

      6. Tai - he may have dethroned queen Ozzy, but he did not dethrone king Richard when it comes to being the funniest gay naked guy. Nice try, though!

      7. Ozzy - well, what did you expect? He is not a great strategic player, so here he is again, on the jury. Does he need to play for a fifth time? Only if they make a super season of Survivor with the greatest stars of all time, then maybe he has a place (alongside Boston Rob, Cirie and Rupert).

      8. Zeke - he is just not a good player. Why does he play the game so hard? He is just overthinking it. Luckily for him, he is still in the game, so he can still change things around. The thing is that he has established for himself a reputation of a man who can't be trusted. Why does he do that? Can't he see how it keeps backfiring?

      9. The moment that cracked me up the most... No, not Tai running naked. No, not Debbie pretending to be drunk and mooning Tai. No, not Andrea's sexy photo shoot that ended prematurely. But this moment:

      Debbie: What does you gut tell you?

      Sierra: Vote Zeke.

      Debbie: What are you gonna tell Zeke?

      Sierra: Aubry?

      And scene! There you have it. Aubry's contribution to "Game Changers" in a short exchange between fellow contestants.

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    • Cirie, Brad, Sierra, Debbie, Sarah, many players stood out this merge episode but who got the gold medal this week? Analysis, Stats, and more in my recap. like activity in this forum is dipping as the season goes on).

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    • Ivanornels wrote:
      Cirie, Brad, Sierra, Debbie, Sarah, many players stood out this merge episode but who got the gold medal this week? Analysis, Stats, and more in my recap. like activity in this forum is dipping as the season goes on).

      I know. I however do prefer to discuss episodes and other things here than on Reddit or SurvivorSucks (I use to discuss on IMDb regularly before they permanently closed their boards down).

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    • Reddit isn't so bad but SurvivorSucks, for lack of a better

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    • I defiantly agree on SurvivorSucks; they are quite rude there.

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    • An Outcast
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