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"This Isn't a 'We' Game"
S25 E3 PI
The Immunity Challenge.
Episode Information
Season: Philippines
Episode Number: 3/14 (346)
Original Release: October 3, 2012
Viewership (in millions): 10.38[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.0/9 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights"
Next: "Create a Little Chaos"

This Isn't a 'We' Game is the third episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Night 6

After voting out seminary student Roxanne Morris, the Matsing tribe goes back to camp, where Russell Swan gives some words of encouragement to his tribemates. Worried that Denise might prefer siding with Angie and Malcolm if they lose again, Russell realizes that Roxy's speculations of a budding showmance might be true after all.

If Denise decides to hitch her wagon to the young ones, then I'm dead.

Russell Swan

Day 7

At the Tandang tribe, RC tries to enlist Abi-Maria's help to find the idol. Abi-Maria complains that she is resting her injured knee. With Abi not wanting to push the topic further despite RC's continued efforts to convince her she is on her side, RC walks away. But later, Abi tells Pete she trusts him more than RC, and reveals about the clue while RC swims with Skupin. Pete then turns his sights at outsider Lisa Whelchel and asks her for an alliance. With no hesitation, Lisa agrees.

I would prefer to get rid of RC, but Peter's the one that's calling it, so I need to lay low and go with him.

Lisa Whelchel

At Kalabaw, Dana notices the handle of the rice bin's cover is missing. Penner had pulled the token from the lid after realizing it was the Kalabaw idol. Meanwhile, Carter tells Dawson and Jeff Kent his speculations about the token being the Hidden Immunity Idol. Suspicious that the returning player has the idol, Jeff Kent starts to brew plans to not let Jonathan stay in power for long.

We might be able to pull a little blindside, where we can get Jonathan off with that idol in his pocket.

Jeff Kent

Day 8



Challenge: Deep In Thought
On a floating platform, tribe members, one by one, must dive down and retrieve eight wheel-shaped puzzle pieces that are clipped underwater. Once all are collected, they must identify the mystery eight-letter word ("treasure"). First two tribes to finish wins reward and immunity.
Reward: Tribal immunity and fishing gear for the two winning tribes, while the first placing tribe would get an additional prize in the form of a canoe.
Winners (according to finish): Kalabaw and Tandang

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Deep in Thought
Placement Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
1st Kalabaw S25 carter tS25 dana tS25 jeff tS25 jonathan t
Carter, Dana, Jeff, & Jonathan
S25 dawson tS25 katie t
Dawson & Katie
2nd Tandang S25 artis tS25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
Artis, Michael, Pete, & R.C.
S25 abimaria tS25 lisa t
Abi-Maria & Lisa
3rd Matsing S25 angie tS25 denise tS25 malcolm tS25 russell t
Angie, Denise, Malcolm, & Russell
Divers Breakdown
Diver Kalabaw Tandang Matsing
1st Divers S25 dana t S25 artis t S25 angie t
2nd Divers S25 jeff t S25 pete t S25 russell t
3rd Divers S25 jonathan t S25 michael t S25 denise t
4th Divers S25 carter t S25 rc t S25 malcolm t
5th Divers S25 dana t S25 rc t S25 denise t
6th Divers S25 jeff t S25 rc t S25 malcolm t
7th Divers S25 jonathan t S25 michael t S25 denise t
8th Divers S25 carter t S25 rc t S25 malcolm t

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S25 angie t
Angie (3 votes)
S25 denise tS25 malcolm tS25 russell t
Denise, Malcolm, & Russell
S25 russell t
Russell (1 vote)
S25 angie t
S25 angie bw
Angie Layton

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Angie) I'm sorry I made you cry. That's the way this game seems to be playing, and I have to play hard or go home.


(voting for Russell) One thing about me is I never give up.


Final Words

You know, it sucks to be voted out this early in the game, but I hope that my tribe can go strong from here on out. I'm their biggest cheerleader, and just, you know, I just appreciate life so much more now. Like, in my life, I just appreciate how lucky I am and this just helped me realize how blessed I am to have the life that I have.

Angie Layton

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw
S25 roxanne bw
S25 angie bw
S25 abimaria t
S25 artis t
S25 carter t
S25 dana t
S25 dawson t
S25 denise t
S25 jeff t
S25 jonathan t
S25 katie t
S25 lisa t
S25 malcolm t
S25 michael t
S25 pete t
S25 rc t
S25 russell t


Behind the Scenes

  • On Day 7 at Matsing, the tribe collects snails for breakfast. They forget to remove the shells, finding them hard to consume. Angie Layton compares the experience to "chewing teeth."
  • In a pre-Tribal Council confessional, Denise Stapley expresses that the tribe was a total mess at the challenge, with only her and Malcolm Freberg carrying the tribe, despite not being good swimmers. Denise states her intention to keep Russell Swan over Angie.
  • RC Saint-Amour claims to be in control of the Tandang tribe, but states she starts to have doubts with Abi-Maria Gomes for being a loose cannon.
  • Michael Skupin explains his mishap at the challenge. He admits that he acts without thinking for competition's sake. He explains that he observed Artis Silvester and Pete Yurkowski and how they dove down to the water, but ended up not copying what they did anyway, and took him a short while before realizing the mask had shattered upon impact with the water. At the end of his confessional, Michael states he feels bad about Matsing's losing streak, especially upon seeing Russell's dejected look after the challenge.
  • In a confessional, after losing another Immunity Challenge, a visibly devastated Malcolm vents on Angie and Russell's poor performance. He chastises Angie for her ineptitude for swimming in deep water, and Russell for appearing defeated in the challenge. Malcolm calls his Survivor experience, "tragic," as he felt shortchanged after yearning to be on the show he watched and followed since he was 12. Despite his tribe's misfortunes, Malcolm says he will continue the fight.  


Episode Title

  • The episode title comes from a line spoken by Jeff Kent in one of his confessionals.


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