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"This Camp Is Cursed"
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Crystal blocks a shot from Kota.
Episode Information
Season: Gabon
Episode Number: 5/14 (233)
Original Release: October 16, 2008
Viewership (in millions): 12.81[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 4.2/12 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "It Was Like Christmas Morning!"
Next: "He's a Snake, but He's My Snake"

This Camp Is Cursed is the fifth episode of Survivor: Gabon.


Day 13

Day 14

Day 15



Challenge: Fruit Flies
A tribe member would toss fruit through a hole in a wall to two members of their own tribe. An opposing tribe member would stand in front of the wall and use a club to try to knock away the fruit as it was thrown through the air. Once a piece of fruit is caught by a tribe member, it would have to be thrown through a hole in a second wall defended by a second opposing tribe member. The tribe that catches the most fruit by weight after five minutes would win.
Reward: A herb garden, salt, oil, chili sauce, and all fruit collected from the challenge
Winner: Kota

Reward Challenge: Fruit Flies
Outcome Tribe Competitors
Won Kota S17 bob tS17 charlie tS17 corinne tS17 dan tS17 marcus tS17 randy tS17 susie t
Bob, Charlie, Corinne, Dan, Marcus, Randy, & Susie
Lost Fang S17 ace tS17 crystal tS17 gc tS17 kelly tS17 ken tS17 matty tS17 sugar t
Ace, Crystal, G.C., Kelly, Ken, Matty, & Sugar


Challenge: Cliff Bowling
One member from each tribe would roll a large ball made of interwoven sticks down a hill. A blindfolded tribe member at the bottom of the hill would attempt to block the opposing tribe's ball with a shield and the aid of a caller. Behind the blocker would be a row of seven goals of varying point values. If a tribe's ball made it past the blocker and into a goal, they would be awarded the specified number of points. The tribe with the most points after five rounds would win.
Winner: Kota

Immunity Challenge: Cliff Bowling
Outcome Tribe Caller Defender Throwers
Won Kota S17 randy t
S17 dan t
S17 bob tS17 charlie tS17 corinne tS17 marcus tS17 susie t
Bob, Charlie, Corinne, Marcus, & Susie
Lost Fang S17 sugar t
S17 ace t
S17 crystal tS17 gc tS17 kelly tS17 ken tS17 matty t
Crystal, G.C., Kelly, Ken, & Matty
Throwers Breakdown
Round Fang Score Kota Score Total Score
Round 1 S17 matty t 5 S17 charlie t 2 5-2
Round 2 S17 gc t 0 S17 susie t 2 5-4
Round 3 S17 kelly t 2 S17 marcus t 0 7-4
Round 4 S17 crystal t 0 S17 corinne t 2 7-6
Round 5 S17 ken t 0 S17 bob t 2 8-7

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S17 gc t
G.C. (6 votes)
S17 ace tS17 crystal tS17 kelly t
S17 ken tS17 matty tS17 sugar t
Ace, Crystal, Kelly, Ken, Matty, & Sugar
S17 kelly t
Kelly (1 vote)
S17 gc t
S17 gc bw
G.C. Brown

Voting Confessionals

(votes for G.C.) I'm only voting for you because you really want to go home and I am really sorry to see you go because I think you really are a cool person.

Sugar Kiper

(votes for Kelly) My vote is for Kelly, because I had to vote for somebody.

G.C. Brown

(votes for G.C.) You wanted to go home, so you get your wish.

Crystal Cox

(votes for G.C.) G.C., you were like a brother to me out here, and I feel that you know you're shot at the legs and, and you want to end your misery, so I gotta let you go, buddy. Take care.

Ken Hoang

(votes for G.C.) Man, I wish you all the best, I hope everything works out.

Ace Gordon

(votes for G.C.) In life, and in any situation, it's all what you make of it. Here's your wish.

Kelly Czarnecki

(votes for G.C.) G.C., it's just not working out for you here anymore, so, it's time for you to go buddy.

Matty Whitmore

Final Words

For all the people who might say that I quit or I just gave up, call it what you want. the stabbin' and the lying, that's the part that I really didn't agree with. I never really expected it to be this hard. The vote for Kelly was a throwaway vote, she was the one who I connected with the least. I got the utmost respect for anybody who makes it, who even tries out, and is in my shoes.

G.C. Brown

Still in the Running

S17 michelle bw
S17 gillian bw
S17 paloma bw
S17 jacquie bw
S17 gc bw
S17 ace t
S17 bob t
S17 charlie t
S17 corinne t
S17 crystal t
S17 dan t
S17 kelly t
S17 ken t
S17 marcus t
S17 matty t
S17 randy t
S17 sugar t
S17 susie t


Behind the Scenes


  • This episode was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming at the 61st Emmy Awards.[2]

Episode Title

  • The episode title was said by Matty Whitmore after losing the Immunity Challenge.


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