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"The Young and Untrusted"
The young and untrusted africaThe youngers of Samburu try to convince the olders to vote for Lindsey at the next Tribal Council.
Season Africa
Episode Number 4/14 (032)
First Broadcast November 1, 2001
Viewership (in millions) 18.73[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 7.8/18
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous The Gods Are Angry
Next The Twist

The Young and Untrusted is the fourth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 9Edit

After their first Tribal Council, where Carl had been voted out, the newly empowered younger Samburu members celebrated their new position of power. However, Lindsey, who received the votes from the elders, fumed.

We have the majority now, and basically took over the tribe.


Don't mess with me. Don't underestimate my people. Trust me.


We are outnumbered four to three, and they basically run the show. Damn you, Carl, for leaving me with a bunch of misfits; it's going to be pretty miserable for the next couple of days.


Day 10Edit

Early in the morning, Boran's Kim Johnson cooked corn meal mush for breakfast. Tom complained its taste.

But actually tastes like something that rhymes with grits.


Concerned with Tom's lack of food intake, Clarence added:

I am worried about Tom. He's not eating; he has a tough time eating the corn meal; he has a tough time with it going down.


Desperate for some other kind of food, Tom and Clarence discovered a palm tree with coconut-like fruit growing on it. After a comical, yet failed, attempt to climb the tree, Tom resorted to throwing rocks at the fruits, knocking them off the tree one by one, only to realize they were just as difficult to crack open as they were to knock down.

It takes 20 minutes to open one and we had something the size of your thumbnail that you could eat. In my opinion, it ain't worth it.


Day 11Edit

With the younger Samburu members sleeping late, and Frank, Linda and Teresa no longer wanting to carry the workload, the tribe's water supply was quickly diminishing. After receiving tree mail, Linda realized that they had only half an hour to get ready for the next challenge. She awakened the sleeping younger members, telling them they had a very short time before setting out for the challenge. Brushing the sleep from their eyes, the weary tribe members readied for the challenge. Kneeling down on one knee, Silas decided to gather the troops and deliver a pep talk. Observed Linda, "I have seen Silas on the knee before. Maybe it's genuine, but it seemed so cheesy to me." As the divided tribe tried to hash out their differences before the challenge, Linda attempted to hug Lindsey, who stood stoic and cold, not wanting to oblige Linda's efforts. Linda also jumped up and down, giddily yelling, "Let me on the team!" Said Brandon, "Linda became unglued; she has two very different sides. A sweet New England mom side and a crazy woman, too."

During the Reward Challenge, it was closely-contested, until Kim Johnson, the eldest Boran member was outran by the younger, much agile Samburu members. Eventually, Kim J.'s poor showing gave Samburu the victory. Back at the Boran camp, Kim Johnson vented her frustrations for not doing well in physical challenges and later apologized for her weak performances.. Ethan added, "We lost the challenge, and unfortunately it came down to Kim going really slow. I feel terrible for her. She can't feel good; I know she doesn't feel good. I am glad I am not in that situation."

Over at Samburu, the Reward Challenge victory was short-lived. While enjoying their newly replenished food supply, the tribe realized that all of their clay pots were cracked. Kim P. vented, "Now we have completely shattered all of our pots. It's a horrible situation that we got ourselves into. This tribe, can't we get our act together? What is wrong with us?"

On the hike to gather water, the Boran tribe encountered a cape buffalo, one of Africa's most dangerous animals. Stopping the tribe, Big Tom started grunting and whistling to scare off the animal. Lex said, "We have all done our homework and all know that that is the one animal that we need to be most careful of. It's considered the most dangerous animal in Africa. It was scary, we needed to leave. Putting the situation in perspective, Lex continued, "We are finding on a daily basis these sobering experiences that remind us that we need to respect the land, and this entire thing is very real; danger is here." When the tribe realized that the buffalo will not go anywhere, the gold team decided to move to an entirely new direction, far from the beast's sight. At Samburu, Frank tried to wake up his tribemates to accompany him to their water hole, much for Silas and Lindsey's dismay. After this, the whole tribe halfheartedly followed Frank's whim.

After informing the tribes about East African tribesmen's nomadic nature, the tribes were to incorporate that in their next Immunity Challenge. At the challenge, Boran strategically carried the heavy parts first, while Samburu's plan was to carry the lighter items before the heavy base. Boran's strategy paid off as they successfully recreated their camp and won Immunity, thus sending Samburu to their second successive Tribal Council along with the fact that the warring tribes will now be even with six members each.

Day 12Edit

By the morning of the twelfth day of the game, Linda found Frank hanging out on the camp's cart and greeted him for his 43rd birthday. While carving his family's names on his Tribal Council torch. Frank reminisced, "I wanted my wife and two daughters' names to be on the torch, not only for strength now, but for when I leave. I want them to be carried with me."

Before Tribal Council, the younger Samburu alliance gloated their voting majority over the elders, angering them. They then asked the older alliance to again vote for Lindsey (given that Lindsey was the only person from the younger alliance that has previous votes). Silas explained, "If there is ever a tie vote, the tiebreaker is whoever has more votes against them." Teresa asked Brandon about the plan, "What's it for us?" Brandon quickly (not to mention smugly) replied, "Nothing," much to Teresa's chagrin.

At Tribal Council, feeling that their votes will not really matter because of their minority, the elder Samburu alliance decided to not follow the younger alliance's plea to vote for Lindsey and instead gave all their three votes to Silas to make him vulnerable in future votes. But in the end, it was the younger alliance's majority that eliminated Linda Spencer in a 4-3 vote.



Challenge: Caught in the Web
On a web of rope, hang twelve baskets, each containing a food item. One at a time, the Survivors must race up their team's ramp, cross the rope bridge, climb the net to retrieve one basket, and then race back to the finish line. The first team to collect all the baskets and cross the finish line wins.
Reward: Food items used in the challenge (soup mix, ostrich eggs, olive oil, seasonings, jelly and a small ration of rice).
Winner: Samburu

Reward Challenge: Caught in the Web
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
Won Samburu S3 brandon tS3 frank tS3 lindsey tS3 kimp tS3 silas tS3 teresa t
Brandon, Frank, Lindsey, Kim P., Silas & Teresa
S3 linda t
Lost Boran S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Clarence, Ethan, Kelly, Kim J., Lex & Tom


Challenge: Movin' on Up
In this challenge, both tribes were given a camp with a hut and various camp supplies. The first tribe to relocate their camp 200 yards up a hill and recreate it exactly as it was wins.
Winner: Boran

Immunity Challenge: Movin' on Up
Result Tribe Movers Memorizers Sit-Out
Won Boran S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Clarence, Ethan, Lex & Tom
S3 kelly tS3 kimj t
Kelly & Kim J.
Lost Samburu S3 frank tS3 lindsey tS3 kimp tS3 silas t
Frank, Lindsey, Kim P. & Silas
S3 brandon tS3 linda t
Brandon & Linda
S3 teresa t

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4:
S3 linda t
Linda (4 votes)
S3 brandon tS3 kimp tS3 lindsey tS3 silas t
Brandon, Kim P., Lindsey & Silas
S3 silas t
Silas (3 votes)
S3 frank tS3 linda tS3 teresa t
Frank, Linda & Teresa
S3 linda bw
Linda Spencer

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

It's a game and it's your time to go.


Well buddy, this is for Carl, for Frank, and for Teresa. It's only a game. Play nicely.


Final WordsEdit

Well, it has been an interesting twelve days. I think our vote tonight, for the older people's alliance, this is very significant. Honour is very important. To us, integrity is very important. To me, it is not whether you win or lose. It is how you play the game. I've grown. I've learned. It's been great.

Linda Spencer

Still in the RunningEdit

S3 clarence t
S3 diane bw
S3 ethan t
S3 jessie bw
S3 kelly t
S3 kimj t
Kim J.
S3 lex t
S3 tom t
S3 brandon t
S3 carl bw
S3 frank t
S3 kimp t
Kim P.
S3 linda bw
S3 lindsey t
S3 silas t
S3 teresa t



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