"The Truth Works Well"
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Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Millennials vs. Gen X
Episode Number: 6/14 (492)
Original Release: October 26, 2016
Viewership (in millions): 8.30[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 1.9/7
Episode Chronology
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The Truth Works Well is the sixth episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Night 15

The Vanua returns to camp following Tribal Council, and David is certain that the line between Millennials and Gen X has been erased. He says, "Coming back after Tribal Council was an absolute relief. Chris and I said goodbye to CeCe with these two millennials. It's absolutely the right thing to do going forward. It's no longer Millennials versus Gen X. It's the people I trust versus the people you trust." Meanwhile, Zeke relishes the fact that his bond with Chris heavily attributed to Gen X giving up their numbers. Zeke explains, "Tribal was such a delight because those silly Gen X'ers sent home one of their own on the one tribe they had numbers!"

Day 16

At Ikabula Jay takes Will in the woods in hopes of finding a Hidden Immunity Idol under the guise of collecting coconuts. Motivated to win the game for his family, Jay explains, "People say millennials are selfish and they just want to do things their own way and they do whatever they want, you know, but it's not true. This is for my family." The two search around the jungle and they find a piece of bamboo with the Ikabula tribe sigil painted on it. They crack it open and finds the idol inside. While the idol intrinsically provides its owner a degree of power in the game, Jay thinks differently. He expains, "This Hidden Immunity Idol means mom just got one step closer to getting the house." Just as the two about to leave the scene, Michaela arrives and sees them with the idol. Jay calmly tells Michaela the idol is for them to share, but he is secretly annoyed that she knows. Michaela describes how she caught them with the idol: "Hey! What you got there? I walk up on them two huddled up like two Eskimos and out pops this idol. Jay is one of my allies at this point but do I think Jay would play that Immunity Idol on me? Heck no! Right now, I'm not going to tell anyone that Jay has the idol but if I get wind of something going down, I'm snitching." Michaela has left the scene, and Jay and Will mutually express dismay that someone else other than them knows of the idol.

The three tribes arrive at the next Reward Challenge. Figgy could not contain her glee upon seeing the Vanua tribe with Michelle still there and claps. Figgy explains, "I love Michelle. I love Zeke too but I was really, really worried. It sounded bad but Michelle and I are really close, I love her." Jeff asks Michelle what she makes of Figgy's reaction. Michele says she is not alarmed being outed as Figgy's friend, even lauding Figgy for being honest. Once Jeff has explained the rules of the challenge, he presents the survivors the reward: Apple pie, cookies, brownies, pitchers of cold milk and iced tea for first place, and chocolate chip cookies for the runner-up. Having two extra members, Ikabula sits out Bret and Hannah. Having one extra member, Takali sits out Jessica. Figgy, Adam, and Jay are the callers for Takali, Vanua and Ikabula respectively.

Commotion sets in immediately as the blindfolded survivors scatter around to retrieve their pieces while listening to the callers, while accidentally hitting the obstacles. Sunday of Ikabula reaches one of the station where she has to run around to unspool a piece of wood to release a set of puzzle pieces. She does so, and she gets dizzy in the process. Adam is first to return with Takali's first puzzle piece. Meanwhile, Michelle of Vanua fails to keep David from going off-course. Ken extends Takali's lead by bringing back their second set of puzzle pieces. Sunday recovers and returns with Ikabula's first set of puzzle pieces. The Takali and Ikabula begin to pull away as Vanua continues to struggle with David. David apparently finds Michelle's voice to be faint from afar, prompting Chris (still blindfolded) to repeat Michelle's instructions, albeit louder. David finally hears audible instructions but continues to fumble after he somehow wounds up to one of Ikabula's puzzle pieces. Ken and Taylor return with Takali's last puzzle pieces, prompting Figgy to then lead them into solving the puzzle while still blindfolded. David later ends up at another of Ikabula's puzzle piece stations where Michaela pushes him aside as she tries to retrieve her tribe's puzzle pieces. Michaela shortly returns with Ikabula's final puzzle piece, allowing Jay to guide her to solve their puzzle. David finally reaches a Vanua station and retrieves his puzzle pieces. David and Zeke return with Vanua's remaining puzzle pieces, allowing Michelle to help them solve the puzzle. On the sit-out bench, Hannah tells Bret she feels faint. Bret informs this to Jeff, who then suggests Hannah to move under a shade. Moments later, Vanua finishes their puzzle first and earns a come-from-behind victory despite lagging throughout the challenge. In a battle for second place, Figgy gets stumped solving Takali's, while Jay guides Michaela in solving Ikabula's, stealing from Takali the lead. In the end, Michaela places the last piece, winning Ikabula second place.

Immediately following the challenge, Jeff calls in the medics to check on Hannah who begins to cramp and could not breathe. Dr. Joe Rowles attends to Hannah and gets her to breathe normally. He describes Hannah's condition as a panic attack, where she got too excited to a point she breathed too fast. Hannah seconds Dr. Joe's diagnosis, admitting she has had panic attacks in the past. Jeff lauds Hannah for bravely taking the challenge of going to Survivor despite the game having a way to viciously unravel a person. With her cramps gone, Hannah is cleared to rejoin her tribe. As Vanua and Ikabula collect their reward, Jeff asks Figgy what went wrong in the challenge. Figgy vents her frustration of losing the lead and eventually the challenge.

Back at camp, the Vanua tribe enjoys their reward. Zeke congratulates Michelle for a job well done as caller, while David says they could not have won the challenge if CeCe stayed over her. With Figgy openly admitting her bond with Michelle to everyone, Zeke is reminded of where he stood back at the old Millennial tribe. He says, "Michelle is a very dangerous player in this game because Figgy announced to the world in this challenge: I’m so happy to see Michelle and then she waits a beat and then says Oh, and Zeke too. I'm obviously at the bottom of the Millennials right now and so my gut tells me that getting rid of Michelle isn't bad for me, because Michelle was plotting against me before and has connections to Taylor and Figgy."

At Ikabula, Hannah explains to Sunday her history with panic attacks, believing having one on the island would make people make fun of her. She says, "I can't help that I am a person that has anxiety. Of course it's embarrassing; you're just collapsing and you're not even in the challenge. There were game thoughts that I can't seem weak. That's the worse part: I can't seem weak in front of my tribe. My brain is just so exhausted. There's not a moment where you can just breathe out and be like Okay, I'm going to take five minutes out of Survivor and go take a breath. And so, now I have to keep going. Perception is reality and I have to keep saying I'm good so people know that I'm good so that it doesn't become a hindrance in my game."

At Takali, Taylor kisses Figgy on the cheek, grossing Adam out. Taylor says, "My Survivor romance is growing each day but Fig is like, Don’t tell Jess and Ken about Fig-Tayls, our little romance we got going on here. But the Millennials have the numbers so we're in a good position right now. We're a power couple and at this point there’s no reason to hide it." Confident that Adam is with them regardless, Taylor and Figgy decide to reveal to Ken and Jessica their relationship. The two remain in the shelter rehearsing how they would inform them. Later however, Ken and Jessica admit they knew and it has been apparent the entire time. Ken says, "I've been around the block, little girl. I've been around it way longer than you and it's obvious, and she was shocked. She thought they were doing a great job of hiding it. These kids think they are in charge of it all and they think, This is vacation; this is fun! I’m on Survivor! This is awesome! But that little couple of Taylor and Figgy aren't as cool as they think they are. I'm not going to sit on my ass and hope and pray that everything is okay. I'm going to make the moves to make sure I'm okay."

Day 18

The three tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Adam sits out for Takali while Will and Sunday sit out for Ikabula.

David, Jay and Ken open the challenge, with Ken falling off at the latter end of the balance beam, putting David and Jay in the lead. Jay takes a first place lead by releasing his bags faster than David. Ken makes up for the bad start by carrying all three of his bags at once. Chris, Bret and Taylor are next up, where Taylor returns to the beach with the remaining three bags first. With Takali now ahead, Figgy and Jessica open their bags to look for the balls and work on their maze, but the latter proves to be a difficult task while standing on a narrow stump. Hannah and Michaela from Ikabula and Michelle and Zeke from Vanua shortly follow. Hannah begins to panic, prompting a visibly frustrated Michaela to yell orders at her. Jessica and Figgy land Takali's first ball. Michaela's aggressive approach appears to be working as she and Hannah gets all three balls at the end first, winning immunity for Ikabula. Michaela starts coaching Zeke and Michelle on how the work the maze, which helps them land the Vanua's first ball. In a close race for runner-up, Vanua finishes the task, winning them immunity.

After handing out the Immunity Idols to Ikabula and Vanua, Jeff asks Michaela why she was helping out Vanua, in which Michaela unabashedly admits she does not want a Millennial to go home. Figgy says, "Takali tribe is going to Tribal Council tonight, and it really blows. But if the Millennials are smart, we will stick together and take out the Gen-Xers."

The Takali tribe returns to camp where Adam laments him being a swing vote between two couples. He says, "Losing puts me in a bind because this whole time that I've been out here, I've been playing double agent and it certainly feels like if I wanted to side with Jessica and Ken then I could do that. If I wanted to side with Figgy and Taylor then I could do that, but no matter how I vote tonight, somebody is coming back unhappy and I am in a really, really tough position." Adam and Figgy later walk in the woods where Figgy states she and Taylor would want to work with him. The two agree that Ken is a bigger threat than Jessica so he needs to go home first. Taylor joins in and agrees with the plan. While Jessica appears to have given her full trust in Adam, Taylor has doubts, saying, "Tonight at Tribal Council, we are going to vote out Ken, but who knows? Maybe Adam is double-crossing us and he's way smarter than we think he is...Unlikely, but maybe."

Later, Jessica also talks to Adam into working with her and Ken, where Adam admits the other couple is targeting Ken. Believing she is next if Ken goes, she asks Ken to convince Adam to join them instead. Jessica explains, "Figgy and Taylor are going to vote for Ken but clearly this can't happen because I need Ken to move forward. He's got my back and I have his, and if Ken went home, I would be the next one to go." Ken then pleads his case to Adam. Ken says "I could be going home but I've never gone down without a fight. So, until Tribal tonight, I am going to be fighting for this." Looking at the future, Adam ponders which couple would he join and can work with moving forward. He says, "My mind is just reeling right now because Ken makes really good arguments. The question is: Which side is going to be better for my future in this game? I mean the whole world is probably screaming: ‘Get out the power couple! What are you thinking?’ But at this point, I don't know that it makes sense for me."

Vo figgy

Adam joins Jessica and Ken in voting Figgy out.

The Takali tribe arrives at Tribal Council where Adam appropriately sits in the middle of the two couples. Taylor stresses how important it is to keep the Millennials' numbers strong, but Jeff explains that just because they started on a tribe together does not mean they will stay together. Figgy says everything is "all peachy" with the Millennials, and she does not harbor any resentment towards Adam for voting for her in their first Tribal Council. The conversation then leads to Adam opening up Taylor and Figgy's romance. Jeff, an ordained minister, jokingly volunteers to officiate Taylor and Figgy's wedding. Figgy believes her relationship with Taylor being known to everyone does not concern her and Adam will keep his word. Taylor warns Adam he will be a target of the Gen-X'ers come merge. But Jessica tells Adam the Millennials are not as strong as Taylor thinks. In the end, Adam joins Ken and Jessica, voting Figgy out, 3-2. Upon leaving, Figgy wishes Taylor good luck, while Taylor glares at Adam for betraying him.


Challenge: Blind Faith
Three tribemates were blindfolded while a fourth directed them through a course to retrieve a series of puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces were retrieved, one of their blindfolded tribemates (as directed by their caller) completed the puzzle. The first tribe to finish their puzzle won.
Reward: Baked goods, ice tea, and milk for the first placers; chocolate chip cookies for the runners-up.
Winners (in order of finish): Vanua and Ikabula

Challenge: It's in the Bag
Two tribemates raced through a series of balance beams to retrieve three bags of coconuts each. A third tribemate then opened the bags to retrieve three billiard balls, and then joined another tribemate to navigate the three balls through a labyrinth. The first two tribes to land all three balls at the end of the table won immunity.
Winners (in order of finish): Ikabula and Vanua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S33 figgy t
Figgy (3 votes)
S33 adam tS33 jessica tS33 ken t
Adam, Jessica, Ken
S33 ken t
Ken (2 votes)
S33 figgy tS33 taylor t
Figgy, Taylor
S33 figgy bw
Figgy Figueroa

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were aired this episode.

Final Words

I came in here with one speed, guns blazing, and I was definitely a force to be reckoned with. So I guess it's more of a compliment to be taken out right now, because otherwise, I probably would've taken out every single one of them. So I'm not disappointed in my game at all, but I'm definitely bummed that I don't get to be around Taylor. Fig-Tayls will probably be reunited one day, but [it's] just not anytime soon.

Figgy Figueroa

Still in the Running

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Secret Scenes

  • Hannah Outweighs Me: David discusses about Hannah being his counterpart from the Millennial side of the cast and how he wants to work with her.[2]

Behind the Scenes


  • No footage from Day 17 was shown in the episode.