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"The Sounds of Jungle Love"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Micronesia
Episode Number: 2/14 (216)
Original Release: February 14, 2008
Viewership (in millions): 13.18[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 4.6/N/A Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "You Guys Are Dumber than You Look"
Next: "I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!"

The Sounds of Jungle Love is the second episode of Survivor: Micronesia.


Night 3

Malakal heads back to camp from Tribal Council and Ozzy catches a fish with his bare hands along the way. Nobody is really shaken by Jonny Fairplay's elimination, except for Jonathan, who will now have to rework the plans that he had had in mind.

Day 4

Airai's day starts on a bad note as the guys are not able to get a fire started and the shelter has not been repaired yet. Things get worse as Kathy, Chet, and Tracy do not contribute to the day's duties and become outsiders among their Fans tribe. Feeling shunned, the trio decide to build their own small shelter away from the others.

At Malakal, an alliance of flirtation begins to form as Parvati flirts with James and both Amanda and Ozzy find one another quite attractive. While enjoying their new relationships, all are wary of the other other Favorites observing them and identifying them as targets.

Things take a turn for the better at Airai as the majority alliance envies the minority's shelter and gets Tracy to help them erect a similar neighboring structure. Mikey gets the fire started and the unified fans feast on a giant clam harvested from their beach. Mikey and Mary get flirtatious with one another and Joel keeps an eye on the intimacy.

Things get steamy at the favorites camp that night, as James and Parvati get their snuggle on, right next to Ozzy and Amanda, who were engaged in a make-out session - oblivious to the watching eyes of Cirie and Penner. They make tentative plans to work together against the two power couples if the need arises.

Day 5

Chet blows it for the Fans at the Immunity Challenge, and Kathy is sent to Exile Island. In a twist, a Favorite will have to go with her. Cirie volunteers to go with her and get a peek at the first clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

On Exile Island, Kathy is delighted to be spending time with Cirie. Together they search for the idol following the clues they find, but to no avail.

At Airai, the seven younger castaways conspire to vote out challenge detriment Chet. Mikey's imagination runs wild and he starts coming up with scenarios on what to do if Kathy finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. Joel feels threatened by Mikey's apparent leadership and creates plans of his own.

Day 6

Joel starts turning people against Mikey, and plans to have his closest ally Mary voted out. Joel even brings in rivals Tracy and Chet to do so. Kathy returns from Exile Island and finds everyone trying to keep Mikey's and Joel's plans straight before Airai heads to Tribal Council.

The tribe ends up siding with Joel and voting out Mary, much to Mikey B's surprise. The numbers are equalized with 9 Fans and 9 Favorites.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Smash and Grab
Five castaways are chosen to swim, one at a time, to a platform, grab a club, and leap off the platform to smash a tile that releases a key. The swimmer then retrieves the key and swims back to shore with it, allowing the next tribe mate to go out. Once the five keys are collected, another castaway uses the keys to open a locked box containing a set of puzzle pieces that form a map of Micronesia. Three other castaways put the puzzle together.
Reward: Fishing gear, and a bamboo fishing boat, as well as the right to exile a member of each tribe.
Winner: Malakal (exiled Kathy Sleckman and Cirie Fields)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S16 mary t
Mary (6 votes)
S16 alexis tS16 chet tS16 erik tS16 kathy tS16 natalie tS16 tracy t
Alexis, Chet, Erik, Kathy, Natalie, Tracy
S16 chet t
Chet (2 votes)
S16 jason tS16 mikeyb t
Jason, Mikey B.
S16 tracy t
Tracy (2 votes)
S16 joel tS16 mary t
Joel, Mary
S16 mary bw
Mary Sartain

Voting Confessionals

Complete confessionals retrieved from Reality News Online[2]

(voting for Mary) I'm voting for Mary tonight simply because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm trying to stay true to my loyalties.


(voting for Mary) This is clearly just because it's a numbers game, and you're the one they said to go with. Sorry.


(voting for Tracy) This vote is for Tracy because, on the way over here, I realized I needed a failsafe for my two alliances of Alexis and Natalie.


(voting for Mary) Sorry, Mary. I hardly got to know you, but we're trying to shake up your seven man alliance. Nothing personal, but…


(voting for Mary) Mary, you're a great girl, but you need to go.


(voting for Tracy) My vote tonight is for you, Tracy. I think you're an awesome lady, but I do see you as a threat later down the line.


(voting for Chet) My vote goes for Chet tonight because this is not a Laundromat; it's a game of Survivor. I hope you didn't come halfway around the world to put up a clothesline.


(voting for Mary) Girl, this absolutely breaks my heart. I just went with the majority. Sorry.


(voting for Chet) Chet, you blew it with your body, your brains, and your heart. That's just not acceptable to be a teammate of mine.

Mikey B.

(voting for Mary) This is absolutely nothing personal. I just have to keep myself here.


Final Words

I don't know what happened. I'm just totally blindsided. Not even a clue that I was going home tonight so… kinda sucks being the first person off your tribe, but maybe they saw me getting too close to some individuals and making friends with others. I'm definitely rooting for the fans; they're all strong individuals and one of the fans will definitely win this Survivor.

Mary Sartain

Still in the Running

S16 jon bw
S16 mary bw
S16 alexis t
S16 amanda t
S16 ami t
S16 chet t
S16 cirie t
S16 eliza t
S16 erik t
S16 james t
S16 jason t
S16 joel t
S16 jonathan t
S16 kathy t
 Mikey B.
S16 mikeyb t
S16 natalie t
S16 ozzy t
S16 parvati t
S16 tracy t
S16 yauman t


Episode Title

  • The episode title is taken from a quote of Cirie's as she was awoken by what she depicted as "the sounds of jungle love": Ozzy and Amanda making out.


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