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"The Power of the Idol"
Austin danielle exile
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Panama
Episode Number: 9/16 (177)
Original Release: April 6, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 16.36[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 5.6/17 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "An Emerging Plan"
Next: "Fight for Your Life or Eat"

The Power of the Idol is the ninth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 19

Both Terry and Austin are feeling good after surviving the vote, with Austin in disbelief that he wasn't voted out. Courtney, In a confessional, remembered last night's Tribal Council and felt they voted out the wrong person. La Mina talked about Tribal Council and how shocking Nick was voted out. After looking back on his actions, Austin viewed tells everyone he was faking weakness as stupid as it would make the others view him as untrustworthy. While collecting snails, Aras likens them to La Mina because they are slimey and difficult. Danielle believed he was playing cutthroat, which Aras says that La Mina is playing cutthroat. Aras then started lobbying against Austin because he work everyone, which Courtney agreed. Knowing they be going after Austin, Terry decided to get one of the girls to flip. Terry  states in a confessional that there is always hope. Courtney and Sally return with Tree Mail and the former read it out loud. Sally viewed the challenge as good for the former La Mina in order to create conflict between Casaya. Jeff tells Gitanos they will be competing in three teams and the winning team would win a trip to bed and breakfast. The purple team (consisting of Cirie, Courtney, and Danielle) fell out early on. The black team (consisting of Aras, Sally, and Bruce) defeated the orange team (consisting of Austin, Shane, and Terry) in a close race. The winners had to exile a member from each losing team. They chose to exile Austin and Danielle. The pair immediately departed to Exile Island.

Day 20

Day 20 starts out with Heavy rains, flooding the camp. Sally makes a confessional about how Breakfast in Bed is interesting with Aras and Bruce. Aras was anxious for the boat to arrival and realizes how the challenge made him a target. The boat arrived and Aras, Bruce and Sally arrived. The reward was on a single bed  on a sandbar in the middle of nowhere. Sally was frustrated with the reward. The bed was soaked from the rains, and they had to share it. Things was made better by the first serving, a tray of biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Bruce viewed this as bittersweet as Danielle and Austin were on exile but the food was fit for a king.

Back at camp, Terry believes that Austin and Danielle are hating life now. Terry wonders why Danielle was picked over Courtney. Shane and Terry both agree that Danielle would handle exile better that Courtney. Terry then talked to Shane about his final four plans. Shane revealed that his final four would be himself, Aras, Cirie and Courtney. Terry decided to get Danielle and Bruce to flip. When the winners of the Reward Challenge returned, Cirie tried not to think about the food to about hating them more. But she would resent them when they started talking about the food. Cirie hopes to win something or she will die. That night on Exile, the storm made Exile Island miserable for Danielle and Austin. Austin was complaining about the rain.

Day 21

On Exile Island, Danielle and Austin huddle under a blanket to stay dry. Both Austin and Danielle made confessionals on how horrible Exile Island is. Both are glad to be stuck with each other. Danielle viewed Austin as a back up.

At the water hole, Terry and Sally talk about Austin on Exile Island. Sally wonders if they found the idol, who will get it. Terry reveals he found it on day one, much to Sally's delight. The tribe gathers for the Immunity Challenge, and Austin and Danielle returned. They talked about the horrid experience on Exile. Jeff explained the rules. In the first round, Sally, Danielle, Courtney, Terry, Shane, and Austin all advanced to the next round. In the second round, In a close race, The former La Mina made it to the next round. In the third round, in a close race, Austin was eliminated and Sally and Terry advanced to the final round. In the final round, Terry defeated Sally for immunity.

On there way to camp, Danielle is glad not to be on Exile. Danielle revealed how she was mad about being exiled. Aras claimed the reason was she was tough as nails. Austin felt in deep water with immunity. Terry revealed to Austin his plan to get Bruce and Danielle to flip by using the idol as a bribe. Austin was impressed by this. Austin and Terry immediate start working on Bruce. Bruce talks about this in a confessional and states that everything is up for grabs. Aras and Courtney argued about whether to vote out Austin or Sally. Aras viewed Sally as a safe vote in case Austin was given the idol by Terry. In a confessional, Aras assumes (correctly) that Terry has the idol. Courtney objects, viewing it is crazy not to vote out Austin. She also believes that even if Terry (which she think he doesn't has) has the idol, he wouldn't give it away. Cirie talked about the situation in a confessional. Aras points out he and Shane are the ones in danger. Cirie told Aras to go with Shane and talk about this later. Courtney talked her fight with Aras and it was the first time he freaked her out. The women talked about Aras and his aggressiveness towards Courtney. In a confessional, Courtney states that Aras should be voted out at some point. Aras, in a confessional, talks about Courtney and her lack of intelligence. Austin talks to Danielle about flipping. Danielle, viewed herself with the power. Aras was hoping that he doesn't get hit with a whammy.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked about what happen at the Reward Challenge, Danielle and Austin's experience on exile, how is tribe getting along. Also, about the Hidden Immunity Idol and anyone is looking ahead. When the vote came, Austin gotten the most votes, 6-3. Without the idol, Austin was voted out and became the first member of the jury.


Challenge: Rock the Boat
In three teams of three, the castaways must take 100 coconuts from their bin and place them into the others' boats, then row theirs to a floating crate, grab a flag and net, return to shore, and use the net to haul the coconuts back to the bins.
Reward: By boat, the winning team will be picked up and be brought to a private beach where they will find a bed and breakfast waiting.
Winners: Black Team (Aras Baskauskas, Bruce Kanegai, and Sally Schumann) (exiled Austin Carty and Danielle DiLorenzo)

Challenge: Ups and Downs
First, the nine castaways must dig a hole beneath a fence and crawl through. First six move on. Those six must use four clues to correctly place nine rocks in a grid, run over a sandhill, through a net maze, and over another sandhill. First three move on. They will use two planks to cross a knotted rope bridge to a platform, jump into the water, and climb a steep sand bank. First two move on. The final two will have to crawl through a cage-like network of ladders, dig through a sandpile blocking the exit, and cross the finish line.
Winner: Terry Deitz

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S12 austin t
Austin (6 votes)
S12 aras tS12 bruce tS12 cirie t
S12 courtney tS12 danielle tS12 shane t
Aras, Bruce, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle, Shane
S12 aras t
Aras (3 votes)
S12 austin tS12 sally tS12 terry t
Austin, Sally, Terry
S12 austin bw
Austin Carty

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Aras) You can win this whole thing if you play your cards right. Best of luck to you, buddy.


(voting for Austin) You're a really big threat right now. Sorry. Part of the game.


(voting for Austin) Austin, I've been truly blessed to meet someone like you, and it was great to do battle with you.


(voting for Austin) Austin, I'll never forget you buddy.


(voting for Austin) Austin, brother, your time's up.


(voting for Austin) You're a beautiful man. I'm sorry, but you're just too much of a threat at this point. Can't wait to see you in L.A..


(voting for Austin) The creepy Christian goes home.


(voting for Aras) My vote is for Aras. You're just a huge threat, and hopefully we'll be able to knock you out one of these times.


(voting for Aras) Another shot in the dark. I think I'm going to be saying this a lot at the next couple of Tribal Councils, but you are my biggest threat.


Final Words

This was, bar none, the hardest experience I have ever gone through in my life. It was very difficult for me to negotiate the line between integrity and playing the game of Survivor. I am incredibly proud to have made it to the jury. To my whole La Mina tribe, you guys were an absolute joy to be around. Terry is superhuman and I am wishing him the best.

Austin Carty

Still in the Running

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 aras t
S12 bruce t
S12 cirie t
S12 courtney t
S12 danielle t
S12 sally t
S12 shane t
S12 terry t


  • After Austin's elimination, Aras is the only remaining member of the former Viveros tribe.
  • This is the first episode in which multiple people are exiled.