The Poison Apple Needs to Go is the second episode of Survivor: Tocantins.


Day 4

The Jalapao tribe returns from Tribal Council, right after voting out Carolina Eastwood. As they attempt to make fire with the flint they just received at Tribal Council, Sandy, who was viewed as an outcast, thanks her team for keeping her in the game. Despite Sandy's confidence, her tribe still plans to oust her next. The next morning, Joe and Spencer decide to split a giant termite deemed "Mama Termite". At Timbira, Sierra continues to feel the effects of being dubbed the weakest link by her tribe. Her only hope now is to find the one time-use Hidden Immunity Idol, which she received a clue to on day one, but she needs help. Sierra tells Brendan that she has a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, and the two head off to the beach to find it together. With the help of her first clue, Sierra comes across a large stick in the sand where she discovers another clue. After following the clues, Brendan and Sierra set about digging a large hole at the beach. To their surprise, Debbie catches them and asks what they are doing. Sierra quickly lies and tells Debbie that they are digging a fire pit, and Debbie buys it. The three return to camp, where Debbie boasts about the so-called "fire pit" that Brendan and Sierra have worked so hard on. Candace, however, isn't buying it. Sierra is thankful that she and Brendan narrowly escaped getting caught, and tells Brendan that she doesn't want to continue to look for it. Later, the Timbira tribe complains about their lack of food. Candace proposes cooking the rice and beans in one pot. Coach immediately corrects her, stating that the rice soaks up all of the water, which would end in the beans being undercooked. As the two continue to bicker, Coach becomes agitated with Candace. After taking a moment away from the situation, Coach returns to Candace and kisses and caresses her hand. Unknown to Coach, Candace clearly despises him.

Day 5

At Jalapao, the tribe members get to know each other a little better. Taj reveals that her husband is Eddie George, a Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL player. Joe, Spencer, and JT are immediately awed by the revelation. JT later confesses that Taj has given them a good reason to make sure she doesn't win the game. Jalapao wins reward/immunity and sends Brendan to Exile Island. Jeff Probst reveals the twist: Brendan must choose one member of the winning tribe to accompany him on Exile. Brendan chooses Taj, and the two begin their trek to Exile Island.

Brendan and Taj arrive on Exile Island, a desolate place of high orange sand dunes. Upon arrival, they find a bag of rice and a small table with two urns. Taj picks an urn first, but finds nothing inside it. Brendan finds two notes in his that say, "Open in private." He excuses himself from Taj and walks off to a secluded area, where he reads a clue to the whereabouts of a Hidden Immunity Idol. The second note says that he has the option to switch tribes, if he wishes, at the end of his stay on Exile. Brendan decides it's better not to switch. Taj and Brendan decide to find one person at each of their camps to join them in the hunt for the idol. They will then be able to get themselves or their allies sent back to Exile Island to retrieve more clues.

Day 6

With Tribal Council on the horizon, Timbira reflects on what went wrong during the challenge. Candace criticizes Coach. Debbie informs Coach that Candace is bad-mouthing him to everyone, which instantly motivates Coach to lobby for getting rid of Candace. Brendan returns from Exile Island and lies to his fellow tribemates saying his urn was empty. He convinces them that Taj, who was on the outs of her tribe, found the only clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and didn't share it with him. The discussion soon turns to Tribal Council. Candace and Erinn propose ousting Coach due to his lack of athleticism. Tyson, Coach, and Jerry join them at the shelter and Coach claims that he is sticking to the plan of voting off Sierra. Although he admits this in front of Candace, he secretly has other plans to vote her off. In the end, it was Candace who was sent packing by a vote of 7-1.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Basket Brawl
Three castaways from each tribe would face off against each other in a river to retrieve a ball and throw it into their tribe's net to score a point. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Reward: Fishing gear consisting of a spear, two poles, fishing line, fishing hooks, a cast net, tackle box, a diving mask, and a knife
Winner: Jalapao (exiled Brendan Synnott; Brendan chose Taj Johnson-George to accompany him.)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S18 candace t
Candace (7 votes)
S18 brendan tS18 coach tS18 debbie t
S18 erinn tS18 jerry tS18 sierra tS18 tyson t
Brendan, Coach, Debbie, Erinn, Jerry, Sierra, Tyson
S18 sierra t
Sierra (1 vote)
S18 candace t
S18 candace bw
Candace Smith

Voting Confessionals

Retrieved from Survivor Shrine[2]

(votes for Candace) I'm voting for you, nothing personal, we always got along, but for the strength of the tribe and the morale, uh, this is what we decided.

Tyson Apostol

(votes for Sierra) I really tried hard to keep you here, but you were too defensive and cocky with me, but you're a cool girl.

Candace Smith

(votes for Candace) It's about you today.

Brendan Synnott

(votes for Candace) Candace, you talk too much about each tribe member; everyday, it was somebody different every single day that you were gunning for. It got you in the end, good luck.

Debbie Beebe

(votes for Candace) Candace, we love you, good luck, but this is what the team wanted, so I had to go with them. Thank you.

Jerry Sims

(votes for Candace) I like you, but I don't trust you.

Erinn Lobdell

(votes for Candace) I've got a French girl on my team that says "if you play with Coach Wade, you lose". You shouldn't have tried to go head to head with me, babe. You're going on the bottom of social compatibility and it's going to make our tribe better. Sorry.

Coach Wade

(votes for Candace) You played a great physical game, but nobody wants a snake in the grass.

Sierra Reed

Final Words

I'm surprised. I'm really pissed off. I worked really hard, I worked in the challenges, I worked on camp. I did everything I could to try to make Timbira stronger. And I thought that that was the goal. But I guess this is more like day camp. In the long run, I was an asset and they're gonna need me.

Candace Smith

Still in the Running

S18 carolina bw
S18 candace bw
S18 brendan t
S18 coach t
S18 debbie t
S18 erinn t
S18 jt t
S18 jerry t
S18 joe t
S18 sandy t
S18 sierra t
S18 spencer t
S18 stephen t
S18 sydney t
S18 taj t
S18 tyson t