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The Home Stretch
S32 press images ep14 0037Tai competing in Kaôh Rōng.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring obstacle course challenge
Appearances: Worlds Apart
Kaôh Rōng

The Home Stretch is a recurring challenge in Survivor. First used in Survivor: Worlds Apart, it reappeared in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


The castaways must each race under a net crawl and make their way to a table where they must slide tiles into a target. Once all the tiles are through, they must use a machete to transport those tiles over a teeter-totter and balance beam to the finish table. They must then sort the tiles into pairs. Three of the tiles will not match up. Those three hold the code to a combination that will unlock their box. First person to unlock their box and raise their flag wins.


The challenge was first used as the final five Reward Challenge in Survivor: Worlds Apart. Mike Holloway won the right to spend the day with his mother at camp and an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng as the final four Reward Challenge for food. Aubry Bracco won and shared the reward with Cydney Gillon.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Worlds Apart
"It's a Fickle, Fickle Game"
Individual Reward
(Loved Ones Challenge)
S30 mike t
Mike Holloway
Kaôh Rōng
"Not Going Down Without a Fight"
Individual Reward S32 aubry t
Aubry Bracco



  • This challenge has only appeared in season finales, and only as a Reward Challenge.


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