"The Gods Are Angry"
Boran first challenge win
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Africa
Episode Number: 3/15 (033)
Original Release: October 25, 2001
Viewership (in millions): 20.43[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 8.0/20 Summary: Link
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The Gods Are Angry is the third episode of Survivor: Africa.


Night 6

After their second Tribal Council, where they voted off Jessie, the Boran tribe was startled by unwanted guests: a pride of lions. "We could hear it actually breathe. We could hear it wheeze as it inhaled," commented Clarence. He and Kelly then decided to try and ward off the predators by making noises with empty tin cans. With the lions surrounding the camp, only a few short feet from the Survivors, and the Boma fence the only thing between them, the rest of the tribe awoke and became frightened about their safety. Lex confessed, "It made my blood run cold. We went into this thing knowing it's going to be tough, it's going to be cruel, but we never really considered it was going to be quite that real." Tom was also frightened of the incident; on the verge of running away. "My mind said stay, but my feet said go. It was all I could do to keep myself from running, but there was nowhere to run." With the sound of the lions growling just beyond the tribe's protective fence, Ethan accepted the grim reality that this was probably going to happen every night. What do we do if it comes scraping at the fence?" Tom complained.

Day 7

At Samburu, the elder members (Carl, Frank, Linda, and Teresa) woke up early and started to do camp chores. Getting bewildered from all the early morning commotion, the still-sleeping younger members (Brandon, Kim P., Lindsey, and Silas) became annoyed by all the noise. Silas irritatingly whispered to his peers, "Why do they get up so early?" Instead of getting annoyed, Carl fumed, "Of course I go to get the water, because if I didn't, it's not going to get done." As the elders hiked to their water hole, the younger ones stayed in camp to chat about their age-defined allegiances. Lindsey noticed, "the older group seems a little bit nervous. Basically, they are sucking up to us. If they are, that's okay. They can go get the water, and we don't need to help, we can just save our strength." Brandon then added, "They are conniving, miserable little people walking around talking about us, so don't ever forget that." Adding up to the rivalry between the two conflicting Samburu alliances, the younger alliance cooked themselves some rice cakes. Lindsey said, "We should have first dibs on the food and pig out. Why not?" Brandon, the group's chef, revealed why he enjoys the chore of cooking: "I like to cook because I like my gruel fried a certain way, plus if I'm cooking, my friends get bigger portions than the rest."

Traumatized after their dangerously close encounter with the lions (with several large lion pawprints as hard evidence), Boran started to reenforce their Boma fence. Scared that the lions could be anywhere near their camp again, Lex informed his tribemates, "If we encounter a lion during the day, we have to remain completely still. As soon as we run away, you immediately throw a signal that you are prey. You would be inviting the lion to just jump on you and maul you." Lex's words encouraged Tom, who declared, "We have got to fix our fence!" The tribe then continued working on securing their encampment with more acacia branches.

Back at Samburu, the younger alliance decided to fortify their loyalty to each other by creating bead necklaces for each other. Seeing the younger members slacking, Frank fumed: "That's a waste of time. Food, shelter and water: all efforts should be concentrated on that, not out here making beads or sun-tanning yourself." Carl then divulged his personal life by bragging about his successes as a prolific dentist and his earnings (claiming that he currently owns a Mercedes Benz, a Porsche and two other luxury cars). Silas proudly said that it was his strategy to expose every small detail that he can get from his tribemates, but Carl commented that the bartender was immature.

The tribes convened for their next Reward Challenge, where the winning team will have a 100-gallon potable water tank, to be delivered to their camp the next morning, and organic shampoo. The challenge proved to be physically demanding, but Boran edged out Samburu (when the latter missed a flag) and won the challenge. Despite Tom being visibly tired and starting to vomit, the Boran tribe screamed after winning their first challenge.

Day 8

After winning their first challenge, Boran started to drink healthy water from their tank. Ethan remarked, "This is nice."

At Samburu, a small sandstorm awoke the still sleeping tribe before reading the Tree Mail for their next challenge. The tribes were asked to create distress signals, with the better one winning. While Samburu was working on their signal (writing SOS by creating two giant "S" symbols between their perimeter, which would serve as the "O"), Lindsey became dehydrated with Kim P. accompanying her. Linda sarcastically remarked, "One of the things Lindsey likes to say every day is how strong she is. She is the strongest person that she knows. I guess she's not so strong."

Over at Boran, the tribe used their colored belongings to gain the pilot's attention. But Tom and the rest of the Boran males decided to add an unusual idea to gain the pilot's attention, stripping to their underwear. Kelly then joked to Kim J., "I'm excited. I don't think Samburu will take their clothes off."

When the airplane went by, the crew deemed Samburu's distress signal as weak because the signal blended in with all the surrounding trees, making it virtually unnoticeable. The drop master even declared that their Boma was almost perfectly circular; he would think that it was not an SOS signal, but an average African community. But when the plane hovered over Boran camp, the drop master lauded the team's use of color and the good choice of terrain, for their signal was placed in a wide area with less trees. In the end, both the pilot and the drop master decided that Boran's SOS signal was more believable, granting them their second consecutive victory and first immunity win, thus sending Samburu to their first Tribal Council.

Day 9

The morning after Samburu's first Immunity loss, Lindsey decided to be more aware about her water intake. This weakness made her a target of the elder's alliance, while Carl's life success also made him vulnerable. At Tribal Council, work ethic was mainly discussed. Jeff then noticed the younger alliance's "unity necklaces," and started grilling them on why the older alliance did not have any.

With the four younger members gunning for Carl and the four older members targeting Lindsey, the vote resulted in a 4-4 tie. A revote commenced, but the results were unchanged, thus having a deadlock. As per Survivor rules (at the time), previous Tribal Council votes will be recounted in case of a deadlock. But since it was the tribe's first Tribal Council, the tiebreaker will be in a form of a gauntlet quiz challenge about camp life, where if one committed a wrong answer, that castaway will be going home on the spot. After a series of wrong answers from both Carl and Lindsey, Carl again answered wrong while Lindsey answered correctly, thus sending the 46-year old dentist home. With this, voting power shifted to the younger Samburu alliance, and left the elders in jeopardy.


Challenge: Rock n' Roll
Tribes race to roll an eight-foot boulder through a natural obstacle course. Tribe members must work together to navigate the boulder through obstacles across an already difficult terrain. The first tribe to roll their boulder into the winner's circle wins.
Reward: A water tank filled with 100 gallons worth of potable water (to be received the next morning) and organic shampoo.
Winner: Boran

Challenge: Distress Signal
Tribes are told via Tree Mail that a plane will be flying over their camps. Utilizing anything around their camp, they must get the plane's attention. The tribe with the better signal (judging will be based on the creativity, yet still recognizable), according to the plane's pilot and drop master would win Immunity (with the plane returning to the winning team's camp, and will drop a wooden crate with the Immunity Idol encased in it).
Winner: Boran

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S3 carl t
Carl (4 votes)
S3 brandon tS3 kimp tS3 lindsey tS3 silas t
Brandon, Kim P., Lindsey, Silas
S3 lindsey t
Lindsey (4 votes)
S3 carl tS3 frank tS3 linda tS3 teresa t
Carl, Frank, Linda, Teresa
S3 carl tS3 lindsey t
Carl, Lindsey (4 votes each)

(Carl and Lindsey ineligible to vote)
S3 carl t
Carl (3 votes)
S3 brandon tS3 kimp tS3 silas t
Brandon, Kim P., Silas
S3 lindsey t
Lindsey (3 votes)
S3 frank tS3 linda tS3 teresa t
Frank, Linda, Teresa
S3 carl tS3 lindsey t
Carl, Lindsey (3 votes each)

(Nature Quiz)
Participant Result
S3 carl t
S3 lindsey t
S3 carl bw
Carl Bilancione

Voting Confessionals

Revote confessionals are currently unavailable.

(voting for Carl) Great guy, doesn't need the money, he's got his future already in store for him. I think he needs to go.

Lindsey Richter

(voting for Lindsey) In a survival situation, everyone has to carry their own weight. I just felt you didn't.

Frank Garrison

(voting for Lindsey) I like this person. I think this person has a lot of potential, but one must remember that Mother Africa is a very spiritual place. The gods and goddesses are watching and listening.

Linda Spencer

Final Words

Unfortunately, our tribe... there was a split, and it as an obvious split-- it was a generation gap. We had four people who were in their 40s and have a sense of responsibility, and then you had four people who are confused in their lives. It's kind of sad. I'm kind of worried about that generation. Maybe they outwitted me, in that sense of sportsmanship, but I have no regrets.

Carl Bilancione

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 jessie bw
S3 carl bw
S3 brandon t
S3 clarence t
S3 ethan t
S3 frank t
S3 kelly t
 Kim J.
S3 kimj t
 Kim P.
S3 kimp t
S3 lex t
S3 linda t
S3 lindsey t
S3 silas t
S3 teresa t
S3 tom t


  • This marks the first (and so far only) time a quiz tiebreaker was used.
  • The final question at the quiz tiebreaker challenge between Lindsey and Carl during Samburu's first Tribal Council was "True or False: Pouring hot water over a tick will force it to retract." Lindsey was correct, while Carl was eliminated from the game permanently. Coincidentally, on Day 14, Lindsey confessed a terrible concern: a tick on her backside. With sufficient knowledge about how to remove them (thanks to the travel book they received upon leaving the truck on Day 1 - the same source where Lindsey and Carl's questions came from during their tiebreaker challenge on Day 9), Lex van den Berghe scalded Lindsey's buttocks with hot water to remove it. After suffering excruciating pain, the tick was removed by Tom Buchanan.