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"The Generation Gap"
Colleen, B.B, Ramona and Joel at camp
Season Borneo
Episode Number 2/13 (002)
First Broadcast June 7, 2000
Viewership (in millions) 18.10[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 7.5/25
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous The Marooning
Next Quest for Food

The Generation Gap is the second episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 4Edit

The episode started with Tagi trying to find ways to get food, only to find two rats for protein. Most of the tribemates complained about eating the rodents, while Rudy claimed that he was still strong enough to not eat them. Richard and Stacey tried to fish, but to no avail. In a confessional, Stacey complained about Rudy eating their remaining food supply without asking permission from his tribemates. Rudy on the other hand said in another confessional that Stacey was not pulling her weight doing camp chores.

At Pagong, B.B abrasively sent out orders to his tribe to make a hut. Gretchen and Colleen praised his work ethic, but they and the rest of the tribe were getting fed up by his overbearing personality. Ramona even complained that B.B doesn't give them ample rest for all the day's work and that she will likely vote him out should they lose an Immunity Challenge.

Back at Tagi camp, with Dirk, Stacey and Rich still failing to catch fish, Rudy cooked rice and papaya for lunch. Richard revealed in a confessional that he's scared to reveal he is gay, because the ex-Navy Seal is homophobic. With Rudy away, Richard's revelation became a healthy discussion during lunchtime. Later on, Richard approached Rudy and revealed his sexuality. But to Richard's surprise, Rudy did not feel uncomfortable talking to him. Instead, Rudy revealed in a confessional that Richard was one of the nicest people he has ever met and lauded him for his leadership skills.

Back at Pagong beach, the younger tribe members ate papaya. Ramona, on the other hand, coudn't stomach it and decided to drink water instead. Her tribemate Gervase even confessed that he pitied Ramona because she was sick and yet still trying to pull her weight. Later on, while the rest of Pagong tribe were having lunch, Ramona walked through the woods, and started vomiting.

B.B complained in a confessional that his teammates were lazy and not doing many chores. Gervase, on the other hand, complained that "If you're not working as hard as him, you're not working hard". Greg also fumed that B.B "Doesn't bridge the age gap." But B.B was firm about pushing his tribemates too hard.

Day 5Edit

At Pagong, Greg and Colleen went hiking to find more food (they invited Ramona to come with them, but she refused). Colleen praised Greg for making their stay in the game more bearable and fun. That night, the tribe continued to be entertained by Greg with his All New Newly Stranded Survivor Game.

Day 6Edit

Pagong's day started with BB and Gretchen arguing about where should the shelter be placed, as high tides threatened to wash their shelter out (their hut was constructed almost near the shoreline). As a solution to need not carry their hut somewhere, BB decided to put logs to ward the waves off. The move was not well-received by the tribe, demanding that the shelter should be relocated on a higher ground. Joel got fed up and argued with BB about the plan.

At Tagi camp, Sean made another attempt to catch fish, creating his infamous "Superpole 2000" (merely a makeshift fishing rod made from a long wooden pole), but failed yet again. Susan even taunted Sean for failing.

Back at Pagong beach, the entire tribe was irked by BB's selfishness as he washed his clothes using his tribemates' water canteens. Joel tried to make a peaceful discussion about making a group decision, but BB was defensive about everything and claimed that everyone was just slacking. Gervase stepped in by accusing BB of being bossy and told him he should not expect them to do work.

For their second Immunity Challenge, Tree Mail hinted that the two tribes would go to the "First Annual Survivor Benefit Buffet", only to reveal that they were to eat Butok, a beetle larva. It was a close race, even ending up in a tie. At the tie-breaker round, both tribes had to pick the most squeamish member of the other tribe. Tagi chose Pagong's Gervase and Pagong chose Tagi's Stacey. In the end, Stacey was first to swallow her grub, thus winning Tagi's first challenge.

After their first loss, Pagong was torn between the sick Ramona and the abrasive BB. BB even considered to vote Joel out for stepping up against him. In the end, BB's attitude cost him dearly as he became Pagong's first casualty in a 6-2 vote.



There was an unaired Reward Challenge the tribes competed in between Day 4 and 5. It was a weight-holding challenge between Richard from Tagi and Joel from Pagong. Whoever endures longer wins reward for their tribe.
Reward: A map to a closer water source.
Winner: Pagong


Challenge: Buggin' Out
Bug-eating competition. The bug of choice was a butok, or beetle larvae. The live butok is three inches long and a half-inch round. If one castaway refused to eat, his/her tribe will automatically lose the challenge.
Winner: Tagi

Immunity Challenge: Buggin' Out
Result Tribe Competitors Tiebreaker
Won Tagi S1 dirk tS1 kelly tS1 richard tS1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 stacey tS1 susan t
Dirk, Kelly, Richard, Rudy, Sean, Stacey & Susan
S1 stacey t
Lost Pagong S1 bb tS1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 greg tS1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 joel tS1 ramona t
B.B., Colleen, Gervase, Greg, Gretchen, Jenna, Joel & Ramona
S1 gervase t

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 2:
S1 bb t
B.B. (6 votes)
S1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 gretchen t
S1 jenna tS1 joel tS1 ramona t
Colleen, Gervase, Gretchen, Jenna, Joel & Ramona
S1 ramona t
Ramona (2 votes)
S1 bb tS1 greg t
B.B. & Greg
S1 bb bw
B.B. Andersen

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Colleen, Gervase, Ramona and Jenna's confessionals are only available on DVD.

I think this person contributed probably the least of anyone in all of our efforts.


Because I think he wants to go home.


My vote's for B.B. because he wants to get off the island. So, if that's what he wants, I'll give him his wish. He's out of here.


I think that it's time for Ramona to go. She's a strong challenger, but it seems she was struggling with being part of the group.


I chose B.B. because he was like a Get Out of Jail Free card. He said that he was ready to go and he had done what he came to do and he might not have been my first choice if he wasn't ready to go home, because he certainly is a hard worker and he kicked some butt.


I voted him off because he was the only choice. We talked about other ones, but right now he's the best choice to win the next competition. Unfortunately, I have to do it.


Um, I don't know. I love B.B. to death, but I just think he's ready to go, and we've all made peace with that.


I think he wants to be off. He's an awesome guy, incredible, hardest worker probably in the camp, but I think he really wants to get off, and it's time. Conflict's a little much at the camp, but he probably doesn't deserve this.


Final WordsEdit

I'll tell you what, there was a moment a few days ago, that if I would have had a cell phone, I would have called in a helicopter to take me off the island. But I actually came to like this place the last few days. I don't want to leave.

B.B. Andersen

Still in the RunningEdit

S1 bb bw
S1 colleen t
S1 gervase t
S1 greg t
S1 gretchen t
S1 jenna t
S1 joel t
S1 ramona t
S1 dirk t
S1 kelly t
S1 richard t
S1 rudy t
S1 sean t
S1 sonja bw
S1 stacey t
S1 susan t


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • An unaired challenge occurred on Day 4 or 5, and was technically the first challenge that is solely for reward. The challenge was a weight-lifting competition in the vein of Shoulder the Load. Pagong won the challenge, making it be their second win.


  • B.B. Andersen is the first male castaway voted off in Survivor history.
  • This episode also marked the first un-aired Reward Challenge. The reward was a map to a closer water hole, which Pagong won.
  • This is the first episode to feature an exotic food challenge.
  • This episode marked the first separate Reward and Immunity Challenges.


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