"The Day of Reckoning"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Samoa
Episode Number: 10/16 (284)
Original Release: November 19, 2009
Viewership (in millions): 12.33[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.8/11 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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The Day of Reckoning is the tenth episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Night 24

Aiga returns from Tribal Council. Russell gloats in a confessional about blindsiding Kelly and how he would get the million dollars. Dave praises Russell for his bold move, which Russell likened to having his kids being born. Laura was annoyed with Russell's idol play and she stated that Galu should have known better than to vote against Russell because of his sneakiness. Russell and Shambo talk in delight about how angered Laura was.

Day 25

Russell woke up early and decided to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. The Foa Foas do camp chores while Monica praised Laura for winning two consecutive individual Immunity Challenges. Shambo makes a confessional about her hatred of Laura and how she wanted her out. Shambo talked to John about switching to the Foa Foa Four. John makes confessionals about his situation and what to do.

At the Reward Challenge, the purple team of Natalie, Russell, Brett, Dave, and Laura won the trip to Satai. Russell made a confessional stating that if he could find the idol, nothing can stop him from getting Laura out. He was also happy that he got to eat. Everyone was happy that with the food, including hot dogs and mac and cheese. Natalie makes a confessional about how she needed the reward because she was wasting away.

Back at camp, Jaison talks to Monica about flipping to the Foa Foa Four. However, Jaison and Mick told her that she was number 6 and that one person had already flipped to Foa Foa. Based on the infomation, Monica correctly identified the flipper as Shambo. Monica said that she wanted John out. While using the Sprint phone, Russell stumbled upon a photo with the direction to the phone's memo. Russell instantly thought that it was a lead to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Brett reads the clue aloud while Laura passes the phone around showing a video with additional clues to the idol.

The reward winners returned to camp and everyone was informed about the clue. Everyone looked for the idol but Russell was able to find the idol yet again. 

Day 26

No footage of Day 26 was shown.

Day 27

Monica talks about Foa Foa having two people. Monica believes those two was  Laura makes a confessional about being a target and her need to win immunity.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jaison, Mick and Brett all broke their tiles while Dave accidentally breaks Monica's. Mick landed his spear closest to the center and was able to win immunity. Shambo makes a confessional about this being Laura's night to go.

Back at camp, Laura cracks a coconut while Russell Points out that they have to strike now in order to vote out Laura. Shambo tells Brett that she was voting out Russell H., Laura and Dave talks to John about the vote. Laura wanted Russell out but John said Natalie because she was the least likely to have the idol. John was annoyed about his former tribe's lack of analytical skills. Monica talked to Dave about Tribal Council and that Laura would go home. Dave disagree, believing it would be a 5-5 tie. Monica then reveals her plan to bluff to the Foa Foas that she was voting John in order to prevent a tie and blindside Natalie. Monica talked to the Foa Foas about voting out John but all it does was raises their suspions. Brett tells John about Monica's plan. John refused to go along with the plan and didn't want to save Laura. John and Russell talk about voting out Laura in the revote. John was worried about the rock drawing if he sticks with Galu.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asks John about being surprised that two 'Galu's being voted out and what is appealing about the Foa Foa Four. Jeff asked Jaison about being in the minority and Shambo if Galu was as tight it was at the beginning at the merge. Jeff also asked Laura and Dave about the possibility of drawing rocks. When the vote came, It was initially a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie. However, in the revote, John flips and Laura is sent to the jury in a 5-3 vote.



Challenge:' Get Hooked
The tribe would be split into two teams. One castaway from each tribe would be hoisted aloft in a cradle held up by four ropes controlled by the other team members. The castaway in the cradle would have to be maneuvered around the playing field to collect fifteen numbered flags in order and placed into a slot in a log. The first team to collect all fifteen flags would win.
Reward: A plane ride to another island for a picnic and Sprint Palm Prixs, along with clues to the next Hidden Immunity Idol.
Winners: Purple Team


Immunity=Challenge: Spear Me The Details
Each castaway would throw one stone at a set of three hanging tiles. For each tile broken, they would earn one spear to be used in the next round. The castaways would use a crossbow to shoot the spears they earned at a target. The castaway that shoots their spear closest to the center of the target would win.
Winner: Mick Trimming

Tribal Council

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

I believe that I'm sitting here tonight for a couple reasons. One because Shambo has always had it out for me and two that I think I was a physical threat, clearly it wasn't a good idea going into the first two Immunity Challenges and winning them back to back. I'm disappointed but I hope Galu sticks together and someone from the purple ends up winning the million dollars. So good luck guys.

Laura Morett

Still in the Running

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Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa


  • The Reward Challenge is the same used in "Fight for Your Life or Eat" from Survivor: Panama.
  • This is the first time a former member of Foa Foa wins individual immunity.
  • This episode's Tribal Council marked the first non-final four tie since "Jellyfish 'n Chips".
    • This episode also marks the first tie with more than four participants since "The Gods Are Angry".
  • It was confirmed in this episode that the purple rock tiebreaker still exists, but only to tie votes that are outside the final four, which is resolved by a fire-starting challenge.
  • This episode marks the only time that Natalie received votes against her.
  • The episode title was said by Shambo after Laura lost the Immunity Challenge.